Secace Seacove

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Secace Seacove is a geographical location in Avalonia in Dragon Quest Swords. It is the primary location in chapter 4 of the main plot of the game. It is the first location in the game where the hero is accompanied by Claymore.


Secace Seacove is referenced as the location where a sea creature resides which has been attacking the people recently. The hero is sent to inspect it and find the creature responsible.


The cave begins as an entirely water-based area, traversable only via boat. The second portion of the level is played on dry land within the cave, including the boss fight.


The boss of this location is the Fishy Monster, who is also a key part of the storyline plot. Replaying the level, the boss is a Float-o-copier posing as the Fishy Monster.


Level rewards[edit]

  • Rank S - 1 x Ice Crystal
  • Rank A - 1 x Thunderball
  • Rank B - 1 x Monsterbone
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