Ice sculpture

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The Ice sculpture is a monster exclusive to the second Heroes spin-off game. The monster is more flexible than it's brethren, going so far as to attack while laying on the groud with it's arm propping it's head up.


Dragon Quest Heroes II[edit]

Ice sculpture (うごくひょうぞう Ugoku hyōzō)DQHII Logo.png
Model Experience Gold Marked Version?
Ice sculpture DQH2.png 5000 100g Yes
List No. 076
Field Notes Sinister statues carved from ice and animated with arcane energies. They're colder than stone, and twice as tough. They guard the entrance to Mt. Neverest, but secretly wish they could be stationed somewhere a bit more balmy.
Location(s) The Frosty Foothills
Item(s) Dropped Ice crystal

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