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4 October 2013[edit]

In this video from Dragon Quest IX, the hero offers a prayer at the tree of Yggdrasil and sees a vision of Zenus and Celestria. This provides some insight into the backstory of Dragon Quest IX.

26 April 2012[edit]

Dragon Quest X will soon be released in Japan! Here is the newest trailer which depicts much more of the gameplay and characters than any of the previous videos.

27 March 2012[edit]

Dragon Quest X has entered beta testing in Japan, but is probably still more than a year away from release in North America. Here are some more screenshots of the game which have been released. The artwork looks very interesting, especially for the various playable races in the game.

2 January 2012[edit]

Fortune Street has been released on the Wii. Here is some gameplay from the Ghost Ship board which is taken from Dragon Quest III. The game is much like an advanced version of Monopoly played with Mario and Dragon Quest characters.

2 November 2011[edit]

Here is the trailer for Fortune Street, which will be released on the Nintendo Wii in December of 2011. This game is part of the popular Itadaki Street series which until now has been only released in Japan. Be sure to pick up a copy this holiday season!

9 September 2011[edit]

This video is gameplay footage of Dragon Quest X from a Square Enix press conference in Japan. The game will soon enter a beta testing period in Japan. The video seems to indicate that the game is somewhat of a direct sequel to Dragon Quest IX. It will be released on the Wii and Wii U sometime in 2012 or later. The game will be an online role playing game, most likely with a monthly subscription fee.

4 August 2011[edit]

Here is the trailer for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 for the Nintendo DS. This game will be released in North America and Europe for the first time this fall. This trailer was shown at the annual E3 video game conference. Unfortunately, the version to be released will not be the "professional" edition which was released in Japan earlier this year. This game will be the second Dragon Quest game released for the DS this year. It will be followed by Fortune Street during the winter holidays.

8 June 2011[edit]

This video shows the finding of Roto's Token in the SFC/SNES version of Dragon Quest. The token is hidden in a swamp south of the town of Melkido (Cantlin, Mercado). The hero in this video uses Laura's Love in order to determine the correct distance he is from Radatome before searching. However, this item is not needed in order to get the token if you know exactly where to look. This makes rescuing the princess a side quest in the game. The token is a required item in order to get the Rainbow Drop at the Southern Shrine.

16 May 2011[edit]

This video is the town of Chizod in Dragon Quest V'' SFC. It is a waypoint on the way to Granvania (Gotha). Here, the hero's wife falls ill and must rest at the inn before the party can continue over the mountains. Chizod cannot be used as a return point in this version of the game, making it a location you likely won't visit too often.

5 May 2011[edit]

Finally a fresh video! This video is of the Lighthouse/Pharos Beacon in Dragon Quest IV. It is the location where Taloon is first encountered during chapter 5 and the site of a boss battle against Tigergram and 2 Flamethrowers. After completing it, the hero is given the ship!

Early 2011[edit]

Dragon Quest VI has been confirmed for a North American release date of February 14th! Gamestop is offering a free plush Slime if you pre-order the game. This will be the first time the game is released outside of Japan.