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This is the full list of Dragon Quest VIII Alchemy recipes from A-Z.

Please note that these recipes are extremely difficult or time consuming.

These items can either be bought from a vendor, found or made in the Alchemy Pot


Weapon Recipes
Assassin's dagger Eagle dagger/Poison needle
Bandit axe Battle axe/Thief's Key
Blizzard blade Bastard sword/Icicle dirk/Cold cheese
Cheiron's bow Eros' bow/Power shield
Copper sword Bronze knife/Bronze knife
Demon spear Battle fork/Poison needle/Devil's tail
Demon whip Scourge whip/Devil's tail
Double-edged sword Über double-edge/Devil's tail
Dragon Slayer Dragon's bane/Mighty armlet
Dragontail whip Snakeskin whip/Dragon's scale/Dragon's scale
Dragovian king sword Dragovian sword/Liquid metal sword
Eros' bow Hunter's bow/Garter
Falcon knife earrings Slime earrings/Tough guy tattoo/Agility ring
Flametang boomerang Swallowtail/Flame shield
Fallen angel rapier Holy silver rapier/Devil's tail/Wing of bat
Golden axe Iron axe/Gold nugget
Hell scythe Steel scythe/Poison moth knife/Hades' helm
Holy lance Long spear/Gold rosary
Holy silver rapier Templar's sword/Holy talisman
Hunter's bow Cypress stick/Cypress stick/Strength ring
Imp knife Assassin's dagger/Devil's tail
Iron axe Farmer's scythe/Farmer's scythe
Iron lance Cypress stick/Dagger
King axe Golden axe/Slime crown
Leather whip Devil's tail/Saint's ashes
Liquid metal sword Rusty old sword/Slime crown/Orichalcum
Long spear Cypress stick/Cypress stick/Iron lance
Magma staff Wizard's staff/Rockbomb shard/Rockbomb shard
Megaton Hammer Über war hammer/Conquerer's axe/Orichalcum
Mercury's rapier Fallen angel rapier/Mercury's bandana/Mercury's bandana
Metal wing boomerang Razor wing boomerang/Metal king spear
Moon axe Golden axe/Moon's mercy
Odin's bow Cheiron's bow/Eros' bow/Great bow
Razor wing boomerang Edged boomerang/Wing of bat/Steel scythe
Reinforced boomerang Boomerang/Iron nail
Rusty old sword Liquid metal sword/Mystifying mixture/Cowpat
Sandstorm spear Partisan/Saint's ashes
Scourge whip Demon whip/Saint's ashes
Sledgehammer Giant mallet/Iron helmet/Iron helmet
Snakeskin whip Leather whip/Scale shield
Staff of antimagic Wizard's staff/Rune staff
Staff of resurrection Rune staff/Life bracer/Yggdrasil Leaf
Stone axe Stone hardhat/Cypress stick
Über double-edge Double-edged sword/Saint's ashes/Saint's ashes
Über falcon blade Falcon blade/Meteorite bracer
Über miracle sword Miracle sword/Life bracer
Über war hammer War hammer/Mighty armlet
Zombie slayer Zombiesbane/Holy talisman
Armour/Clothing Recipes
Angel's robe Flowing dress/Magical skirt
Bandit mail Heavy armour/Bandit axe/Bandit's grass skirt
Boxers Bandit's grass skirt/Bandana
Bronze armour Chain mail/Bronze shield
Bunny suit Silk bustier/Bunny tail
Chain mail Wayfarer's clothes/Chain whip
Crimson robe Sage's robe/Magic water/Nook grass
Dancer's mail Silver mail/Dancer's costume
Divine bustier Dangerous bustier/Shimmering dress
Dragon mail Silver mail/Dragon's scale/Dragon's scale
Fur poncho Magic beast hide/Magic beast hide
Gigant armour Bandit mail/Mighty armlet/Mighty armlet
Iron cuirass Iron shield/Iron shield
Leather armour Wayfarer's clothes/Magic beast hide
Leather dress Dancer's costume/Magic beast hide
Leather kilt Boxers/Magic beast hide or
Leather whip/Bandana
Magical skirt Bandit's grass skirt/Magical hat/Magical mace
Magic armour Full plate armour/Prayer ring/Ruby of protection
Metal king armour Liquid metal armour/Slime crown/Orichalcum
Mirror armour Silver shield/Mirror shield/Mirror shield
Platinum mail Zombie mail/Saint's ashes
Princess's robe Angel's robe/Gold rosary/Shimmering dress
Robe of serenity Cloak of evasion/Boxers
Sage's robe Magic vestment/Scholar's cap
Scale armour Leather armour/Dragon's scale
Shimmering dress Spangled dress/Ruby of protection/Gold bracer
Silver cuirass Iron cuirass/Silver platter/Silver platter
Spiked armour Magic armour/Edged boomerang
Templar's uniform Wayfarer's clothes/Templar's shield
Wayfarer's clothes Plain clothes/Plain clothes
Zombie mail Silver mail/Zombiesbane or
Platinum mail/Devil's tail
Shields Recipes
Bronze shield Leather shield/Bronze knife
Dragon shield Steel shield/Dragon's scale/Dragon's scale
Flame shield Magic shield/Flametang boomerang
Goddess shield Thanatos' shield/Saint's ashes
Ice shield Magic shield/Icicle dirk
Leather shield Pot lid/Magic beast hide
Magic shield Steel shield/Prayer ring/Ruby of protection
Metal king shield Ruinous shield/Saint's ashes/Orichalcum
Power shield Magic shield/Strength ring/Cured cheese
Ruinous shield Metal king shield/Devil's tail
Saintess shield Mirror shield/White shield/Holy water
Scale shield Leather shield/Dragon's scale
Silver shield Mirror shield/Amor seco essence/Magic water
Templar's shield Iron shield/Templar's uniform
Thanatos' shield Goddess shield/Devil's tail
White shield Light shield/Fresh milk/Fresh milk or
Iron shield/Silver platter
Headgear Recipes
Bronze helmet Stone hardhat/Bronze knife/Bronze knife
Bunny ears Hairband/Bunny tail
Feathered cap Leather hat/Chimaera wing
Fur hood Feathered cap/Fur poncho
Gold tiara Thinking cap/Gold nugget/Silver tiara
Hades' helm Mythril helm/Devil's tail
Happy hat Feathered cap/Elevating shoes
Hermes' hat Feathered cap/Mercury's bandana
Mercury's bandana Bandana/Agility ring
Mythril helm Hades' helm/Saint's ashes
Phantom mask Iron headgear/Dark robe
Pointy hat Leather hat/Iron nail
Raging bull helm Mythril helm/Cowpat/Fresh milk
Scholar's cap Magical hat/Scholar's specs
Silver tiara Coral hairpin/Silver platter
Skull helm Sun crown/Devil's tail
Stone hardhat Stone axe/Pointy hat
Sun crown Skull helm/Saint's ashes
Thinking cap Scholar's cap/Iron headgear
Turban Bandana/Bandana
Accessory Recipes
Agility ring Prayer ring/Seed of agility
Catholicon ring Full moon ring/Ring of truth/Ring of immunity
Life bracer Recovery ring/Gold bracer
Elevating shoes Fishnet stockings/Happy hat
Full moon ring Gold Ring/Poison moth knife
Goddess ring Recovery ring/Orichalcum
Holy talisman Tough guy tattoo/Holy water/Gold rosary
Meteorite bracer Agility ring/Agility ring/Orichalcum
Mighty Armlet Strength ring/Titan belt
Prayer ring Gold ring/Seed of magic
Recovery ring Prayer ring/Seed of life
Ring of awakening Gold ring/Dream blade
Ring of clarity Gold ring/Fallen angel rapier
Ring of truth Gold ring/Sandstorm spear
Ring of immunity Gold ring/Poison needle
Ruby of protection Prayer ring/Seed of defense
Scholar's specs Ring of awakening/Ring of clarity/Seed of wisdom
Skull ring Sorcerer's ring/Devil's tail
Sorcerer's ring Skull ring/Saint's ashes/Saint's ashes
Strength ring Prayer ring/Seed of strength
Titan belt Leather kilt/Strength ring


Cheese Recipes
Angel cheese Fresh milk/Premium mould/Yggdrasil dew
C-c-cold cheese Dragon dung/Cold cheese/Premium mould
Chilly cheese Cool cheese/Waterweed mould
Chunky cheese Plain cheese/Magic water
Cold cheese Chilly cheese/Waterweed mould/Waterweed mould
Cool cheese Plain cheese/Waterweed mould
Cured cheese Fresh milk/Premium mould/Amor seco essence
Hard cheese Plain cheese/Rock salt
Highly-strung cheese Super spicy cheese/Cold cheese/Rock salt
Mild cheese Plain cheese/Amor seco essence
Plain cheese Fresh milk/Rennet powder
Scorching cheese Super spicy cheese/Premium mould/Dragon dung
Soft cheese Fresh milk/Rennet powder/Rock salt
Spicy cheese Plain cheese/Red mould
Super spicy cheese Spicy cheese/Nook grass or
Spicy cheese/Red mould/Red mould
Medicine Recipes
Amor seco essence Holy water/Strong medicine
Elfin elixir Yggdrasil dew/Magic water
Greater panacea Special medicine/Special medicine/Special medicine or
Lesser panacea/Rose-root/Rose-wort
Magic water Holy water/Seed of magic
Moon's mercy Moonwort bulb/Moonwort bulb/Moonwort bulb
Rose-root Medicinal herb/Medicinal herb/Medicinal herb or
Strong medicine/Strong medicine
Rose-wort Medicinal herb/Medicinal herb/Moonwort bulb or
Strong medicine/Moonwort bulb
Special antidote Medicinal herb/Antidotal herb/Antidotal herb or
Strong antidote/Strong antidote
Strong antidote Medicinal herb/Antidotal herb
Strong medicine Medicinal herb/Medicinal herb
Special medicine Strong medicine/Strong medicine
Yggdrasil dew Yggdrasil Leaf/Magic water
Other objects Recipes
Chimaera wing Wing of bat/Wing of bat
Holy water Amor seco essence/Rock salt
Mystifying mixture Holy water/Wing of bat/Cowpat or
Medicinal herb/Antidotal herb/Moonwort bulb
Premium mould Red mould/Waterweed mould/Yggdrasil Leaf
Sage's stone Gold nugget/Orichalcum/Yggdrasil dew
Thief's Key Iron nail/Bronze knife
Timbrel of Tension Sun crown/Magic beast hide/Tough guy tattoo

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