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For the monster class in Dragon Quest VII, see Delusionist (Class).

#157 - Delusionist
Cosmobog DQVII PSX.gif
HP MP Experience Gold
310 30 147 107
Attack Defense Speed
128 100 105
Dropped Item Glam Coat (1/128)
Skills Dazzleflash
Spells Frizzle
Family Demon
Capture Rate 1128
Bestiary # 157
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX


Odd, almost alien, three fingered aliens that float above the earth, confusing opponents with illusions and the weird weaving of the strange stalks on the ends of their horrendously shaped heads. Like crazed conjurers, the summon swords of solid light to slice at adventurers with, before blinding them with a bright light that can make any physical attack miss. Along with these infuriating flashes, they can fire off powerful Frizzle spells at a single target.


The Delusionist (formerly CosmoBog) is a monster in the game Dragon Quest VII. It can be found in the lower levels of Burnmont in Disc 2. The Delusionist also has a rare chance of dropping a Delusionist Heart, allowing one party member to become a Delusionist when taken to Alltrades Abbey.

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