The Tallest Tower

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The Tallest Tower, also known as the Tallest Tower in the Whole Wide World and the World's Tallest Tower, is a dungeon located northwest of Wetlock in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past.

It can only be accessed by air, either with the Magic Carpet or the Skystone. The party must climb all the way to the top of the tower in order to revive the great hero, Sir Mervyn.


After finding out that the Sizzling Stone has to be taken to the very top of the tower to revive the legendary hero Sir Mervyn from Bulgio, the party asks him if he can lend it to them. Bulgio is intrigued by the legend, but is skeptical of their claims and they leave his mansion. Just as they are about to walk out, Bulgio allows them to take the stone to the tower, on the condition that he accompany the party to see if the legend is true. The tower's entrance is barred by a special door, but as the party approaches with the Sizzling Stone, it begins to grow hot and the doors magically open for them. They make a grueling journey to the top of the tower, where Bulgio lends the stone to the Hero. The Hero holds the stone aloft at an altar and it floats into the sky, where it begins to glow incredibly hot and reveals Sir Mervyn. He thanks the Hero for releasing him from his prison and asks about the battle between the Almighty and the Demon King. Once Sir Mervyn finds out about the dire state of the world, he joins the Hero's party and gives him a Red Fragment. Bulgio is somewhat disappointed that as he hoped that the legendary hero would be a strong young man or a beautiful woman, but is nonetheless impressed that he witnessed such a spectacle. He then returns to his palazzo.



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(After the Demon King's resurrection)

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