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The Captain catastrophe (formerly General) is a monster in the game Dragon Quest VII. It can be found in the Gorges region in Disc 2, the Orph region in Disc 2, and the Medal King's Palace region in Disc 2.


Blue armoured noble brutes with a knack for catching foes off guard with a variety of ferocious fighting skills and styles. During battle they stand still until ready to strike, hand gripping the hilt of their long swords, almost gallant in stature and stance. They strike with extraordinary speed, catching enemies off guard and allowing for extra damage by exploiting openings. Their calm manner and knightly training allows them to meditate, allowing them to heal themselves, even in the midst of the most manic battles. As adapt warriors as they are, they're trained in countering the magic of mages, casting Fizzle to prevent magic being fired off, before slinging their burning Sizzle spell right back.

#175 - Captain catastrophe
HP MP Experience Gold
335 35 188 108
Attack Defense Speed
158 112 97
Dropped Item Glam Coat (1/64)
Locations Gorges
Skills Meditate
Brutal Hit
Spells Sizzle
Family Humanoid
Capture Rate 1128
Bestiary # 175
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

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