Skill Manuals

In Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, there are 26 skills that require special books and scrolls to use.

These instruction sheets are rewards for completing Quests themed around the vocation and weapon, with all of the the latter being found at Swinedimples Academy.

Vocation ScrollsEdit

Armamentalist's AlbumEdit

Reward for completing Quest 111, focuses the Fource on all party members.

Gladiator's GuideEdit

Reward for completing Quest 105, allows the user to occasionally attack twice when using normal attacks. If wielding a Falcon blade, it will only add a third strike.

Luminary's LoreEdit

Reward for finishing Quest 120, allows the use of Gold Rush.

Mage's ManualEdit

Reward for completing Quest 96, lets the user cast Weakening Wave.

Martial Artist's ManualEdit

Reward for completing Quest 98, allows the user to retain Tension between battles. Tension is always one level lower than when the battle ended, and will vanish if the player changes overworld areas or dungeon floors.

Minstrel's ManualEdit

Reward for completing Quest 102, allows the use of Gritty Ditty.

Paladin's PrimerEdit

Reward for completing Quest 108,allows the use of Solar Flair. Because Solar Flair uses Magical Mending for damage calculation, it is actually more useful for priests.

Priest's PrimerEdit

Reward for completing Quest 94, allows the use of Wave of Relief.

Ranger's RevelationsEdit

Reward for completing Quest 114, increases the probability of a Critical Hit and Haywire Spell by 25% when HP is less than 25%.

Sage's ScriptureEdit

Reward for completing Quest 117, allows the use of Twocus Pocus.

Thief's TheoryEdit

Reward for completing Quest 100, allows the holder to steal after the battle is over.

Warrior's WorkbookEdit

Reward for completing Quest 92, occasionally allows the holder to counter-attack a monster's move with a normal blow.

Weapon ScrollsEdit

Advanced AxecraftEdit

Awarded after completing Quest 80, allows the use of Whopper Chop.

Archery for the AdeptEdit

Awarded after completing Quest 84, allows the use of Shining Shot.

Boomerang BibleEdit

Awarded after completing Quest 86, allows the use of Gigathrow.

The Core of the ClawEdit

Finish Quest 76 to unlock Hand of God.

Further FanmanshipEdit

Resolve Quest 78 to unlock Hustle Dance.

Fearsome FisticuffingEdit

Complete Quest 90 to unlock Miracle Moon.

Hardcore HammeringEdit

Awarded after finishing Quest 82 to learn Big Banga.

Knifing Know-howEdit

Complete Quest 68 to unlock Persecutter.

Secrets of the ShieldEdit

Complete Quest 88 to guard yourself against Critical Hits.

Clear Spear TheoryEdit

Finish up Quest 66 to learn Lightning Storm.

Staff StudiesEdit

Awarded after completing Quest 72. Allows the holder to use Counter Wait.

Swordcraft in SummaryEdit

Awarded after completing Quest 64, allowing the use of Gigagash.

Wands and BeyondEdit

Complete Quest 70 to learn Zing Stick.

Working with WhipsEdit

Finish Quest 74 to learn Serpent's Bite.