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A Dracky, the most popular non-avian member of the bird family.

The Bird Family (Japanese Kanji: 鳥 Hiragana: とり Romanji: Tori Bird) refers to a type of monster that appears in the Dragon Quest series. Different from the biological classification Bird, the bird family of Dragon Quest refers to monsters that have a bird-like appearance or draw inspiration from flying mammals, such as the bat. As of the seventh game this family has become nearly synonymous with the Floating "family". This grouping includes all air born monsters, many of which are also classified as birds.

Effective weapons & skills[edit]

As of Dragon Quest IX, all members of the bird family will take an additional 10% damage from Bows. The BirdBlow, Flutter Disaster, and Wing-Clipper skills deal additional damage to members of this family.


Dragon Quest[edit]

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  • In some games, members of this group are split between the Dragon and Beast families.

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