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#242 - Collum o' golem
HP MP Experience Gold
580 0 345 175
Attack Defense Speed
300 125 72
Dropped Item Valiant Bracelet (1/256)
Golem Heart (1/64)
Locations Bonus Dungeon 1
Skills Brutal Hit
Focus strength
Family Material
Capture Rate 164
Bestiary # 242
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX


Extra strong golems the size of small statues standing tall to smash down foes with their fists after summoning enough strength to bring down any enemy in a single strike.


The Collum o' golem (formerly Golemuga) is a monster in the game Dragon Quest VII. It can be found in the first Bonus Dungeon. The Collum o' golem also has the rare chance of dropping a Collum o' golem Heart, allowing one party member to become a Collum o' golem when it is taken to the Alltrades Abbey.

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