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The Hexicon (formerly MadBook, also known as EvilBible) is a monster of the Dragon Quest series and it was introduced in Dragon Quest VII.


Hexicons are demon monsters resembling books with strong magical powers. These monsters have the appearance of violet books with their first pages and covers torn due to the age. In their covers a red eye can be found, and surrounding the eye there are black ritual marks. If one were to open these books, one would find a mouth with a pink tongue.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

#163 - MadBook
HP MP Experience Gold
262 33 163 43
Attack Defense Speed
140 91 95
Dropped Item INT Seed
Skills Blaze Air
Ice Air
Sleep Air
Confusion Attack
Spells Beat
Family Material
Capture Rate Moderate
Bestiary # 163
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

The MadBook can be found in Dharma region in the Disc 2. It is also found in many bookshelves in the world.

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