Shamshir of light

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Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

In Dragon Quest VIII, the Shamshir of Light is a weapon for Angelo with an attack bonus of +110.

Recipe: Rune staff + Light shield + Shimmering dress

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

The shamshir of light has an attack bonus of +158 and a charm bonus of +42. It will also attack the enemy with a light attack. The attack bonus can be upgraded to +165, +172, or +180 using the forge. The charm bonus can also be upgraded using the forge to +43, +44, or +46. The Hero, Erik, Sylvando, and Hendrik can equip it. Noble dragons can drop them. They can also be obtained using the recipe of 1 brighten rock, 2 glimmergrass, 3 sparkly sap, 1 dracolyte, and 1 crimsonite. The recipe is obtained from a chest in the Luminary's trial.