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The Dragon (ドラゴン, doragon) is a secret vocation in Dragon Quest VI that can only be unlocked if a character speaks with the abbot of alltrades while holding a Dragonic Diligence scroll.


Becoming a dragon will turn even the scrawniest character into a raw powerhouse, supported by the best breath attacks in the game. Though there are substantial reductions to agility, wisdom, and MP, the straightforward nature of the vocation makes these cuts a moot point. Simply put, the dragon is an overwhelming powerhouse that should be kept as far from the Wagon as possible at all times.

Preemptive strikes[edit]

Being a dragon increases the chance of catching enemies off-guard and rendering them unable to act for the first turn, with each rank multiplying the base chance by a certain degree.

Rank Shock Rate
1 200%
2 200%
3 200%
4 300%
5 300%
6 300%
7 300%
8 400%

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 280
Strength +20%
Agility -20%
Resilience +20%
Wisdom -10%
Max HP +30%
Max MP -20%
Trait Increased chance to strike first
Mastery Bonus +20 Strength


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Dragonfly Fire Breath 1 All enemies A fiery breath attack. 0
2 Small Fry Cool Breath 10 All enemies A chilly breath attack. 0
3 Lesser Dragon Flame Breath 30 All enemies A fiercely fiery breath attack. 0
4 Green Dragon Chilly Breath 50 All enemies A frigidly chilly breath attack. 0
5 White Dragon Inferno 85 All enemies A ferociously fiery breath attack. 0
6 Silver Dragon Freezing Blizzard 130 All enemies A chafingly chilly breath attack. 0
7 Gold Dragon Scorch 190 All enemies A scorching inferno of burning breath. 0
8 Great Dragon C-c-cold Breath 280 All enemies Emits a frightfully icy breath 0