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Metal medley is a type of monster first seen in Dragon Quest IX.

This enemy is a Metal slime version of a Slime stack.


Unlike their squidgier cousins, they are only ever encountered directly. They are tougher than the basic Metal slime and (matching their appearance) worth three times as much experience.

Of curious note, Metal medleys are particularly targeted as prey by the Hunter mechs. If one of these metal-hunting mechanical marauders is nearby, surely its mark can't be far off...


Main series[edit]

#089 - metal medley
Metalmedley DQIX DS.png
HP MP Experience Gold
6 255 12288 60
Attack Defense Speed
70 256 135
Dropped Item Slimedrop (1/8)
Mythril ore (1/128)
Locations Lonely Coast
Angel Falls (Slime Hill)
The Magmaroo
The Bad Cave
Spells Kerfrizz
Family Slime
Bestiary # 089
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description A towering team of titanium tykes who can combine their clout to cast Kerfrizz.
Some say that the stout slime playing the supporting role in the stack is made of steel instead of the standard metal slime stuff.

The 30-point quest for the Spear skill family requires you to kill some Metal medleys in The Bad Cave with the Pressure Pointer ability. They're also the first metal monster that it's reasonable to use for level-grinding; even without the Spear quest in your log, their spawn rate seems to be quite a lot higher than that the basic Metal slimes in the Quarantomb.


A medley is a musical performance where excerpts of several different pieces are strung together as a single piece without breaks, and the word forms a solid alliteration with "metal".

Similar stacks[edit]