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Sizzle (also called Firebane or Hurtmore) is a spell in the Dragon Quest series. The spell will bake a group of enemies in a wave of hellfire, most commonly dealing 30~42 damage for 6 MP.


Dragon Quest[edit]

The Hero learns the spell at Level 19, and may cast it for 5 MP. It deals 58~65 damage in the original version, and 50~65 damage in all subsequent versions.

Dragon Quest II[edit]

The Prince of Cannock learns Sizzle at Level 18, and he can cast if for just 4 MP. The spell deals 17~33 damage in the original version, and 50~65 in the SFC and GBC versions.

In the smart phone version the spell has been redacted to affect only one group of enemies, as in later games, and it's cost has risen to 5 mp.

Dragon Quest III[edit]

Sizzle is learned by The Hero at Level 23, and both Mages & Sages at Level 14. The spell's cost and damage parameters become established in this entry of the series, 30~42 for MP, remaining consistent ever since.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Sizzle is learned by Maya at Level 14.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

Name Level
Moosifer --
Liquid metal slime 4
Prestidigitator 12
Bianca 15
Nera 16
Debora 17
Conkjurer 20

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Sizzle is learned by Ashlynn at level 16, and is already known by Goober upon joining. Other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 3 of the Mage vocation.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Sizzle is learned by both the hero and Jessica at level 20. Deals 20~34 base damage, and caps at 53~62.