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The Double-edged sword (formerly localized as Multi-edge sword) is a recurring weapon in the series, and one of the most notable cursed items. Though the sword is incredibly powerful it will always strike the wielder with recoil damage, with the exact amount varying between titles.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

The double-edged sword has an attack bonus of +100 in the original and +115 in the remakes. It is found in a chest in the third floor of Charlock Castle, and may be equiped by the [[Hero (Dragon Quest III|Hero) and Warriors. Each strike deals 25% recoil damage.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

The double-edged sword has an attack bonus of +99 and deals 25% recoil damage. It may be equipped by Ragnar and the Hero. It is found in a chest in Endor's secret armour store.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

The double-edged sword has the same parameters as in IV, and may be swung by the likes of Parry, Tuppence Moosifers, Golems, Barbatos, Beastmasters, Blizzybodies, Conkuistador, Dwight, Killing machines, Mud mannequins, Mudrakers, Pip fighters, Restless armours, Slimes knights, Starkers Warhogs, and Wax murderers.

It is found in Mt. Zugzwang on the mountain ridge.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

The sword has an attack bonus of +117, and it can be used by the Hero and Aishe. The recoil has been reduced to 1/6th (16.66%).

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

An ill-fated sword surrounded by an air of danger. The double-edged sword has an attack bonus of +76 and a recoil of 1/6th. It can be upgraded into an Über double-edge with a two phials of Saint's ashes or be sold for 2,500. The sword can be found in Princess Minnie's Castle.

The Über double-edge also has an attack bonus of +76, but instead of hitting the swordsman with recoil damage it now deal 25% extra damage to the enemy.