List of fortes in Dragon Quest Treasures

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Fortes are special abilities the monsters who reside in Draconia can use that will help Erik and Mia find more loot in Dragon Quest Treasures.

There are five types of forte: Launch, Glide, Sprint, Stealth, and Scan.

DQTR Launch Forte Icon.png Launch[edit]

A golem launching Erik upwards.

Some monsters can help Erik and Mia reach new heights by propelling them into the air.

Monsters with this forte:

DQTR Glide Forte Icon.png Glide[edit]

Gliding with a killing machine.

Monsters with this forte can help the siblings reach far away places by floating softly down from high places, or ride on air currents to reach distant areas.

Monsters with this forte:

DQTR Sprint Forte Icon.png Sprint[edit]

Erik on top of a sprinting silver sabrecat.

This forte allows for fast traversal on land. Each monster has a different speed, movement and stamina.

Monsters with this forte:

DQTR Stealth Forte Icon.png Stealth[edit]

Using the stealth forte to pass through a narrow passage.

Monsters with this forte can hide into the ground and take the siblings with them, allowing the young protagonists to pass through very low passages and to stay out of enemy sight or reach hidden treasure chests.

Monsters with this forte:

DQTR Scan Forte Icon.png Scan[edit]

Mia on a Hoodlum using this forte.

Scan highlights any nearby foraging spots and treasure chests in a bright yellow glow, showing the number of available materials on each. This forte is typically more effective at night thanks to a stronger color contrast in most areas, but can be used during the day as well.

Monsters with this forte: