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The steel shield is a recurring shield in the Dragon Quest series. It is a mid-ranking heavy shield that sometimes offers protection against fire and ice attacks for the wielder.

Steel shield
Kana はがねの盾
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Found in Dragon Quest II
Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest IX
Buy for 2,000-2,5000 gold
Sell for 1,250-1,500 gold
Effect Protects against fire and ice attacks


Dragon Quest II[edit]

The steel shield provides a defense bonus of +10 and can be bought for 2,000 gold and sold for 1,500 gold. It can only be equipped by the Prince of Midenhall and can be purchased in Moonaham, Rippleport, Tantegel, and Beran.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The steel shield offers a defense bonus of +22 and reduces the damage from fire and ice-based attacks by 7 points. It can be equipped by the Hero and Yangus. It can be purchased from the Holy Isle of Neos and Savella Cathedral for 2,500 gold and sold for 1,250 gold. One can be found in a chest near Argonia, as well. The Steel Shield can also be upgraded using the Alchemy Pot:

Recipe: Magic shield = Steel shield + Ruby of protection + Prayer ring

Recipe: Dragon shield = Steel shield + Dragon scale x2


A solid slab of steel.[1]
A steel shield that reduces the damage from fire- and ice-based attacks by 7 points.[2]


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  2. PS2 and 3DS version