Heavy Wand (weapon type)

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Heavy Wands (両手杖, Ryōte tsue) are a recurring weapon type in the Dragon Quest series. Wands have appeared since Dragon Quest II as the preferred weapon type of spellcasters, but Dragon Quest X is the first game in the series to differentiate between one-handed and two-handed wands. Many of the wands and staves of previous games have been reclassified as heavy wands.

Since they require the usage of both the wielder's hands, they prevent the usage of shields in the offhand. Heavy wands are preferred by casters of offensive magic such as Mages and Sages, as they maximize the wielder's Magical Might and even allow them to recover MP by striking an enemy, despite their weak attack power. Heavy wand skills grant various passive abilities that enhance spellcasting while wielding one, such as boosting the chance of spells going haywire, increasing maximum MP, and recovering MP after battle. Heavy wands also tend to have a Magical Mending stat as well, though it's usually noticeably lower than its offensive counterpart.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Heavy wands can be equipped by Mages, Armamentalists, Sages, and Druids, as well as certain monster companions. Each vocation has its own skill set and learns different abilities. In the Offline version of the game, they can be equipped by Fuura, as well.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Veronica and Rab can equip heavy wands. Like Wands, many Heavy wands have a special effect when used as an item in battle. All Heavy wands deal 10% more damage to demons.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End[edit]

There is no single character in the game dedicated to using heavy wands, but both Lazarel and Teresa can equip them if they are a Mage or Sage. The basic attack while wielding a heavy wand is shooting out magic bullets and the charge attack is Drain Magic.

At level 1 proficiency, Lazarel and Teresa can cast Frizz and increasing proficiency further will allow them to cast both Woosh and Sizz, along with higher levels of each spell.