List of minor characters in Dragon Quest VIII

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The adopted daughter of Mr. Golding and sister of Cash. She runs the Baccarat casino with her brother, with whom she often fights with, after their foster father's death.


The adopted son of Mr. Golding and sister of Carrie. He runs the Baccarat casino with his sister, with whom he often fights with, after their foster father's death.


Eltrio was a prince of Argonia, and the elder brother of Clavius, who became king of Argonia when Eltrio could not be found to ascend to the throne.


(For the character of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age who shares the same name in the Japanese version, see Gemma.)

Emma is a maid who serves King Pavan of Ascantha. She's served him faithfully, especially during his period of mourning Sasha, even helping The Hero and party to eventually find their way to Wisher's Peak to seek Ishmahri's help to bring Pavan out of his depression. By the time the party seek the Moonshadow harp, Emma spent time off from duty to visit her grandparents who live across the bridge from Riverside Chapel.


An old herb doctor from the Orkutsk mountains. She was killed by Sir Leopold outside her cottage.


Valentina is the adopted daughter of Kalderasha the fortune teller who lives in Farebury.


A Dragovian woman and the daughter of the elder Chen Mui. Xia passed away long before The Hero and party arrived at the Dragovian Sanctuary.


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