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Dragon Quest series character
Bianca Whitaker
Dragon Quest V
DQV DS Bianca.png
DQV DS Young Bianca.png
Sprite Youngbianca.gifBianca.gif
Japanese Name ビアンカ
Rōmaji Bianka
Title Girl from the Inn
Race Human (possibly Zenethian)
Age 8 (originally), 18 (after first timeshift), 28 (after second timeshift)
Voice Actor Maria Kawamura (CD Theater)
Marina Inoue (Heroes)
Rosie Jones (Heroes, English)

Bianca is a character in Dragon Quest V. She is a childhood friend of the Hero and one of his possible brides.


Warning: Spoilers
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The hero and his father first meet Bianca Whitaker as a child in Whealbrook. She and her mother are in town getting medicine for her father. After the herb-maker is found in a cave, Pankraz escorts them back to their home in Roundbeck.

Pankraz is thinking of returning, but agrees to stay the night and catches a cold, and the party is unable to leave. While wandering around town with the hero, they meet two kids who are bullying a sabercat. After some discussion, they agree to give up the cat if they can defeat the ghosts at Uptaten Towers. This quest is successful, and she names the sabercat, also giving it a ribbon.

Bianca is not seen again until much later after the first timeskip. While searching for the Circle of Water as part of Mr. Briscoletti's tasks, the hero stops in Stockenbarrel where he meets up with Bianca again. She unlocks a gate blocking the path to the Cataract Caves where the ring is stored, and accompanies him back to the town of Mostroferrato. Mr. Briscoletti asks him to choose whether he'll marry Bianca or his daughter Nera (or his other daughter Debora, in the DS remake). If the player chose Bianca, the two marry and she will continue to travel with you as the hero's wife.

Upon reaching the hero's homeland, the kingdom of Gotha, it is revealed that Bianca is pregnant and she will stay in the castle to rest until it is time. After he returns from the Riteof Passage, she gives birth to twins: a boy and a girl. The hero is coronated as the new King of Gotha. After a night of celebrations, Bianca is abducted by monsters while most of the castle inhabitants were passed out. While attempting to rescue her from Kon the Knight at his tower, it is learned that she has the blood of the legendary hero - and for this reason she and her husband are turned to stone by Bishop Ladja.

In the eight years that pass, Bianca's petrified form ended up at the temple of Crocodilopolis. The hero and the children are able to finally free her, who rejoins the party. Together, they travel to Nadiria to find the hero's mother, Madeline, and defeat the Grandmaster of the Underworld.

If the player does not marry Bianca, she will return to Stockenbarrel and remain there throughout the game with her father, (whose health will recover regardless of who the Hero marries). She will not marry, but apparently has admirers and will not meet an unhappy fate in any version of the game, contrary to internet rumors.

Equipment, Stats, and Abilities[edit]

Bianca can equip most knives, whips, and staves. Unlike the other brides, she can wear the metal king helm.

Since Bianca is briefly a party member during the first generation, she starts out at level 1 and learns early magic spells, so unlike the other brides, she has a full selection of fire magic. When she rejoins at Stockenbarrel, she will automatically be leveled to 17.

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 99
HP 18 530
MP 0 530
Strength 3 140
Agility 10 255
Resilience 5 150
Wisdom 20 255
Luck 2 255
Initial gear First generation:Paring knife, Pot lid, Handwoven cape
Second generation: Thorn whip, Scale shield, Leather dress, Hairband


Dragon Quest V (DS) 
Spell Level Learned
Frizz 3
Dazzle 5
Kasap 7
Sizz 8
Snooze 12
Oomph 13
Sizzle 15
Safe Passage 17
Bounce 18
Frizzle 20
Thwack 23
Kasizzle 27
Kafrizzle 33

Other appearances[edit]

She is one of the three characters from V featured in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special.

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