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The Rockin' rockhopper (formerly CragDevil) is a semi-recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series.


The Rockin' rockhopper is a dark blue penguin monster. It has a funky blue mohawk. But its most unsettling feature is the markings on its belly. It looks like a mouth and face.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

#274 - CragDevil
Cragdevil DQVII PSX.gif
HP MP Experience Gold
230 16 130 92
Attack Defense Speed
135 103 92
Dropped Item Wind Hat
Locations Ocean
Skills Call for Help (CragDevil)
Spells Infermore
Family Aquatics
Capture Rate Hard
Bestiary # 274
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

The Rockin' rockhopper can be found in the Ocean in Disc 2.

Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]

CragDevil DWM2 Taras Adventure Logo.png
Sprite Level cap * HP growth MP growth
Cragdevil DQM2 GBC.png 35 4/10 4/10
Strength growth Resilience growth Wisdom growth Agility growth
4/10 3/10 6/10 5/10
Family Bird
In-game description Slides on its belly on ice.
Abilities Infernos, PanicAll, EagleEye
Habitat Ice World
Breeding chart BigRoost, Emyu, MadGoose x Beast family
Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Fire Breath Resistance * Bang Resistance *
None None None None
Crack Resistance * Ice Breath Resistance * Woosh Resistance * Rock/Army Resistance *
Immune Immune None None
Water Resistance * Zap Resistance * Gigaslash Resistance Magic Burst Resistance
Strong None None None
Drain Magic Resistance * Whack Resistance * Kamikazee Resistance * Poison Resistance *
Weak Weak None None
Paralysis Resistance * Fuddle Resistance * Snooze Resistance * Dazzle Resistance *
Weak Weak Weak Weak
Fizzle Resistance Ban Dance Resistance Gobstopper Resistance Stun Resistance *
Weak Weak Weak Strong
Sap Resistance * Decelerate Resistance * Curse Resistance
Weak None None

Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart[edit]

Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippodan[edit]

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