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Drain Magic is a spell in the Dragon Quest series. It absorbs MP from the target.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

Drain Magic leeches 5~11 mp from a single enemy, and is learned by Magi and Sages at level 15.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Drain Magic is learned by Borya at level 25 and by Maya at level 16. It functions exactly as it did in the previous game in the NES version, but follows the (Lvl/4)+5 algorithm set by later games in all remakes and subsequent ports.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

Absorbs 5~11 MP in all versions, and is learned by the following characters:

Name Level
King cureslime --
Slime knight --
Prestidigitator 15
Dracky 20
Dwight 25
Sancho 25
Man o' war 40

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Drain Magic is learned by Ashlynn at level 14, and by Goowain at level 3. Other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 6 of the Mage vocation. The algorithm changes considerably this time around, and the amount drained from an enemy is calculated as (Lvl/4)+5.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Drain magic is learned at rank 1 of the Sage vocation, rank 4 of the Champion, and rank 1 of the Druid.

  • The spell has been nerfed in the remake, using the formula of drained MP = 5~11 instead of DQ 6's formula.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Drain Magic is learned by Angelo once he invests 12 points into his Staff skill. The formula is (Lvl/4)+5 once again.

  • In the 3DS version, Red learns Drain Magic at level 40.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Though not available to player characters, it is used by a number of spell-casting enemies. Each enemy also has a specific amount drained, with no random aspect as seen in previous games.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Veronica and Rab will learn drain magic at levels 24 and 28 respectively. The spell's formula this time is now dependant on magical might instead of level , with a stat range of 111~900 and drain range of 2. What this means is that a character with less than 111 magical might will drain 3~7 MP per use, and a character with 900 will drain 32~36 MP. The spell costs 0 MP to cast