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The Slime Family (Japanese Katakana:スライム Romanji:Suraimu) refers to types of monsters in Dragon Quest series that are (with some exceptions) gooey and jelly-like. The most famous one is the mascot of the series: the Slime. Usually, a monster of this family has the word "slime" in the name. There are a few exceptions, such as the Metal medley, the Gem jamboree, the Platinum king jewel, Pearl gel, the Snowmangler, the Weedie or the Shogum. Also, there are those of the egg monster type, which also belong to the Slime family.

Originally, Yūji Horii envisioned slimes as being the typical moldy, ugly globs of goo typically seen in computer rpgs of the early to late 1980's. Instead of following this trend, series illustrator Akira Toriyama created a remarkably endearing design in the shape of a tear drop, and a phenomenon was born.

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List of monsters in the Slime Family[edit]

Note: "Metal" is a subtype that appears in all other subtypes.