Dragon Quest Baby & Kids: Let's Play with Slimes

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Dragon Quest Baby & Kids: Let's Play with Slimes (ドラクエベビー&キッズ~ スライムとあそぼう~ Dorakue bebī ando kizzu ~ Suraimu to asobō ~ ) is a simple app aimed to babies and young children. It's based on a book with the same name and artstyle, and it was released in Japan on the 12th of November of 2021. The app is a collection of simple educational and entertaining minigames featuring changing shapes, sounds and colors.

Parents can set a limit amount of play time in the game's settings, and all external links require confirmation before opening.

Unlike other mobile Dragon Quest games, this titles does not require additional downloads.There are 6 minigames in the base game for free, and Square Enix offers 12 additional minigames for a small fee.


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