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The night knight, originally NiteKing, is a monster in both Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest IX.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

#254 - NiteKing
HP MP Experience Gold
800 100 1420 210
Attack Defense Speed
310 140 95
Dropped Item Massacre Sword
Locations Zion Cave
Skills ChargeUp
Brutal Hit
Spells Blazemost
Heal All
Family Zombie
Capture Rate Hard
Bestiary # 254
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

The NiteKing can be found in Zion Cave.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Night knight
HP MP Experience Gold
2980 182
Attack Defense Speed
Dropped Item Dark shield
Skull helm
Locations Realm of the Mighty
Cringle Coast
Spells Fullheal
Family Zombie
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description Emperors of the undead who can mend friends with Fullheal, batter foes with critical blows, and smack hard with Kacrack.
Cruel kings who forced their followers to travel with them into the underworld so their kingdoms could continue.

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