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Dragon Quest Builders 2
DQB2 Babs.png
Japanese name ペロ
Romaji Pero

Babs is a character in Dragon Quest Builders 2, residing in the ruined mining colony of Khrumbul-Dun. She is the daughter of Den the bartender, and is one of the main characters of the Khrumble-Dun section of the game.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Babs' initial appearance is that of a normal village girl, wearing a red dress with a white inner blouse, red shoes, and her hair is tied with a white ribbon. When performing, she wears a red bunny suit with fishnet stockings, earband, a red bowtie, and an open white vest with gold trim. Her hair has been dyed blonde and is done up in a more wild style. Note that this appearance is kept when bringing Babs to Isle Of Awakening

Babs is a humble and softspoken girl who is very excited at the prospect of reviving the Khrumbul-Dun mine at the behest of the Builder, doing her best to aid them when possible. She also considers the needs of the masked thugs who work the mine, being fully aware of how arduous the excavation can be, and suggests the construction of an ornate pool with a dancing stage to help them unwind after a hard day's labor. Babs also insists upon dancing on the stage as well, revealing that her mother was a bunny girl and that she has always wanted to follow in her footsteps.


Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]