False Idol

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False Idol
Official art of the False Idol in its sacrilegious glory
Japanese じゃしんのぞう
Old localizations Eye of Malroth (NES),

Evil Statue (GBC)

Found in Dragon Quest II
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect To open the Cave to Rendarak, and reveal a staircase in Hargon's Castle.

The False Idol (Eye of Malroth in the NES and Evil Statue in the GBC Versions) is a key item in Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line. It is located within the Sea Cave.


The mendacious statue is located on lowest basement of the Sea Cave. It is guarded by two Wrecktors who must be defeated prior to receiving the item.


The False Idol is used to open the Cave to Rendarak. It should be used while standing in front of where the entrance is hidden to reveal the cave. The statue is also used to reveal the 1B staircase within Hargon's Castle.

Additionally a fire spirit NPC will block access to the Cave of Rendarak unless it and the Eye of Rubiss is obtained in the Cell phone Version of the game (The Soul Sigil additionally is found in Tantegel in the phone versions).


An ugly effigy of the deity of destruction.[1]


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