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The Escudogre (formerly ShieldOgr) is a monster introduced in Dragon Quest VII. It can be found in the Alltrades Abbey and Faraday regions after the Demon King's defeat.


Escudogres are large, lumbering, red or light-pink skinned muscular demons, carrying two halves of an immense golden shield in their humongous hands. They wear odd orange loincloths and a leather belt around their waist and a gleaming golden skull cap, topped with a spike, on their horrid heads. They appear to be aged, as they have white beards, and they have two spikes on their large backs. The two halves of the shields they carry can be put together to form an enormous and stupendous shield, practically as tall as they are, with a demonic blue-green face on it. The shields of escudogres are superb for defending against enemy attacks and protecting their weaker allies, as well as offense, either by bashing foes with them or exhaling a chilly breath from the demon on their shields.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

#166 - ShieldOgr
HP MP Experience Gold
250 0 180 120
Attack Defense Speed
139 150 64
Dropped Item Ice shield (1/64)
Locations Alltrades Abbey
Skills Forbearance
Chilly Breath
Defending Champion
Capture Rate 164
Bestiary # 166
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX, 3DS


Escudogre's name is a combination of the words escudo, the Spanish and Portuguese word for shield, and ogre, a type of demon.

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