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Dragon Quest X
DQX - Madesagora - Second Forme.png
Japanese name 大魔王マデサゴーラ
Romaji Sōzō-shin madesagōra
Title Great Demon King
Race Demon
Family Pepelogora (Grandson)
Voice actor Kōji Ishii (Japanese)

Madesagora is the primary antagonist in the second version of Dragon Quest X.


Daimou is a term for Bigger Bad, unsurprisingly shared with other Dragon Quest Villains like Zoma and Rhapthorne. This is fitting for Madesagora, since he ordered Nelgel to destroy Astoila, and had more monsters waiting in another region in case Nelgel failed to kill the Hero, along with Madesagora himself having his own plans. (Eg, creating a new Renshida to replace the old one.)


  • Madesagora is the third villain in the Dragon Quest series to merge/create a new world. The other two are Mortamor and Rhapthorne.
    • In addition, he is the third main villain to have a family member, the first being Estark, and the second being Zoma.

Other languages[edit]

  • Chinese = 大魔王馬蒂桑貢拉
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