List of raw materials in Dragon Quest Builders

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The following is a list of unrefined materials that the Builder can work into a variety of tools and items.

Mineral veins[edit]

Image Name
Coal vein icon.png Coal vein
Copper vein icon.png Copper vein
Gold vein icon.png Gold vein
Iron vein icon.png Iron vein
Mythril vein icon.png Mythril vein
Orichalcum vein icon.png Orichalcum vein
Ruby vein icon.png Ruby vein
Silver vein icon.png Silver vein
Zenithium vein icon.png Zenithium vein

Pure minerals[edit]

Image Name Description Uses
Coal icon.png Coal A lump of fossilised flora formed over many millennia. Stone foundation, brick wall, flagstone, stone wall, forge, furnace, bottles, buttress, crockery, baguette, bony steak, bouillabaisse, bunicorn steak, cactus steak, cooked crab claw, cream of marshroom soup, fries, hell broth, pancakes, sailor’s stew, sardine-on-a-stick, searing steak, bread, buttermilk, brazier, fireplace, Ancient Emblem, glass, copper ingot, iron ingot, magic dye, steel ingot, fire blade
Copper icon.png Copper A chunk of malleable metal with a warm orange glow. Forge, copper ingot, all tussle tickets
Gold icon.png Gold A glittering nugget of precious gold. Fancy carpet, big bold banner, bold banner, column, Dragonlord’s throne, grandfather clock, round table, throne, treasure chest, naughty night light, sharing stone, Falcon blade, Sword of Kings, Erdrick’s sword, hero’s shield, auroral armour, ring of immunity, strength ring, catholicon ring, meteorite bracer, Hammer of the Builder, all trauma tickets
Iron icon.png Iron A nugget of dull grey metal from which many things are made. Forge, iron ingot
Mythril icon.png Mythril A lightweight alloy that’s stronger than steel. Magic ingot
Orichalcum icon.png Orichalcum A mystical metal that glimmers with a golden glow Ancient Emblem, Cantlin shield, fire blade, Sword of Kings, sword of ruin, Erdrick’s sword, Hammer of the Builder, auroral armour, wailer’s mail, Thanatos’ shield, featherfall footwear
Ruby icon.png Ruby A crimson crystal that blazes like a burning inferno. Naughty night light, auroral armour, hero’s shield, gourmand’s girdle, ring of criticality, strength ring
Sapphire icon.png Sapphire A sky-blue stone suffused with supernatural energy. Cloak of evasion, silver shield
Silver icon.png Silver A precious piece of purest silver. Water crystal, hot water crystal, diviner’s altar, decorative shield, fountain, water jug, Sheen salts, lyre of slime immemorial, liquid silver, divine dagger, Lyre of Ire, Sword of Kings, catholicon ring, meteorite bracer, ring of criticality, all trouble tickets
Zenithium icon.png Zenithium A bright blue material that shines like the sky. Ancient altar, diviner’s altar, auroral armour, hero’s shield, gourmand’s girdle

Beastly by-products[edit]

Image Name/Source Description Used for
Bewarewolf pelt icon.png Bewarewolf pelt A hide of untied hair that once belonged on a bewarewolf’s back. Chain mail
Blue goo icon.png Blue goo
An incendiary ooze with a brilliant blue hue. Blue flagstone, forbidden altar, herbalist’s cauldron, plant pot, pot, bonfire, candelabrum, candlestick, gentleman sign, torch, magic dye, colossal coffer, wayfarer’s clothes
Celestial skein icon.png Celestial skein
A spool of heaven-sent string within which water flows. Flowing dress
Chimaera feather icon.png Chimaera feather A feather filled with an unearthly energy. Chimaera wing, stationery, talaria
Coarse cloth icon.png Coarse cloth
(all skeletons)
An old roll of musty and moth-eaten material. Armoire, comfy sofa, dining table, extravagant table, stuffed hammerhood, ragged rags, wayfarer’s clothes, guard’s garb, trader’s tunic, villager’s vesture
Confusing claw icon.png Confusing claw
A tapering talon imbued with a mind-bending toxin. Defuddle drops
Crab claw icon.png Crab claw
(all crabs)
A prodigious pincer with a serrated inner edge. Bouillabaisse, cooked crab claw
Dracky butter.png Dracky butter
A rich and creamy spread of uncertain origins. Hearty cream cake, ice cream, pancakes
Face guard fragment icon.png Face guard fragment
(all knights)
A bit of body armour broken off a metal-plated monster. Spiked armour
Finest fur icon.png Finest fur
(spiked hare)
A soft and shiny skin of superior quality. Fancy carpet, red carpet, Dragonlord’s throne, item display stand, scandalous swimsuit, full plate armour, auroral armour, wailer’s mail, featherfall footwear, talaria
Flame orb icon.png Flame orb
(dancing flame)
The combustible core of a fiery fiend. Power crystal
Float-o-copper icon.png Float-o-copper
A mysterious mass of metal that changes shape when exposed to magic. Ultimate key
Frost orb icon.png Frost orb
The ice-cold core of a boreal beast. Power crystal
Fur icon.png Fur
The thick and hairy hide of a thick and hairy monster. Comfy stool, stone stool, throne, towel rail, chest, king-sized bed, princess-sized bed, simple bed, colossal coffer, leather armour, iron armour, spiked armour, leather shield
Grass seed icon.png Grass seed
A sprouting seed of bright green grass. Grows grass on nearby earth floors.
Hareloin steak icon.png Hareloin steak (spiked hare) (hammerhood, brownie, tearwolf) Searing steak
Lemongrass seed icon.png Lemongrass seed
A sprouting seed of golden grass. Grows lemongrass on nearby earth floors
Lichen limb icon.png Lichen limb
(muddy hand)
A suspiciously soggy stick that won’t stop wiggling. Grows moss on nearby earth floors
Limegrass seed icon.png Limegrass seed
A sprouting seed of dark green grass. Grows limegrass on nearby earth floors
Meat icon.png Meat (bunicorn) Marbled monster meat with a nice balance between fat and lean. Bunicorn steak
Meaty bone.png Meaty bone
(death scorpion)
(dread dragon)
A big bit of meat with a bone through it. Bony steak
Mechrochip icon.png Mechrochip A mysterious microprocessor that controls a mechanical monster’s movements. Power crystal
Monster egg icon.png Monster egg
(all chimaera)
A massive, mottled egg laid by a monster. Forbidden altar, beastly burrow, draconic column, Dragonlord’s standard, helliportal, vile tile, vile visage, coddled egg, fried egg, evil idol
Newt icon.png Newt (vis mager) An air-dried amphibian with soot-black skin. Hell broth
Orange oil icon.png Orange oil A greasy, golden goo that burns at high temperatures. Purple flagstone, forbidden altar, book, pot, fries, sautéed salmon, lady sign, torch, magic dye, button, pressure plate, wayfarer’s clothes, training togs
Paralystinger icon.png Paralystinger A stunning stinger that once topped a killerpillar’s tail. Tingle tablet
Powie yowie fur icon.png Powie yowie fur The snow-white hide of a huge, hairy horror. Powie yowie rug, king-sized bed, magic armour, flowing dress, talaria
Rockbomb shard icon.png Rockbomb shard A red-hot rock expelled by an exploding rockbomb. Wrecking ball, fire blade
Rusty nuggets icon.png Rusty nuggets (all skeletons) Chocolate-coloured chunks of oxidised iron. Brick barbecue, wooden door, key, divine dagger, ballista, falcon blade, iron broadsword, shovel, iron axe, battleaxe, gourmand’s girdle
Scorpion horn icon.png Scorpion horn
(iron scorpion only)
The heavy, honed horn of an armoured arachnid. War hammer, spiked armour
Shot silk icon.png Shot silk (ledgerdeman) Finely woven fabric that feels soft and silky to the touch. Fancy carpet, red carpet, big bold banner, bold banner, chic chair, decorative drapery, Dragonlord’s standard, Dragonlord’s throne, throne, princess-sized bed
Silvery sludge icon.png Silvery sludge Sticky, slimy metal sourced from a shiny metal slime. Sword of ruin, Erdrick’s sword, wailer’s mail, Thanatos’ shield
Sludgestone icon.png Sludgestone
(bloody hand)
A gluey gobbet of highly flammable matter. Candelabrum, candlestick
Sticky liquid icon.png Sticky liquid
(both drohls)
A poisonous purple fluid that’s tacky to the touch. Antidotal herb, liquid silver
Whopping needle icon.png Whopping needle A knitting needle in the shape of a hammerhood’s hammer. Powie yowie rug, stuffed hammerhead
Witchgrass seed icon.png Witchgrass seed
(drohl drone)
A sprouting seed of gangrenous grass. Grows witchgrass on nearby earth floors

Foliage furnishings[edit]

Image Name Description Used for
Bigonia icon.png Bigonia A plant found only in the rainiest of rainforests. Decoration
Bigonia leaf icon.png Bigonia leaf The vast, veiny leaf of a plant that grows only in hot and humid places. Comfy sofa, filter fountain, sautéed salmon
Blighted branch icon.png Blighted branch A shriveled stick that’s as black as night. Decoration
Bogwort icon.png Bogwort This poisonous plant grows in sharp, spikey shafts resembling a sea urchin. Decoration
Branch icon.png Branch The lopped-off limb of a tall tree, perfect for planting in the ground. Decoration
Broken branch icon.png Broken branch A shriveled stick that’s as black as night. Cypress stick, oaken club, shovel, giant mallet, carpenter’s workstation, cookfire, miner’s refiner, barrel, chest, fencing, pot plant, small table, towel rail, Treasures ’n’ Trapdoors, washtub, wooden memorial, bread basket, bonfire, saloon door, signpost, simple bed, straw door, torch, bucket, fishing rod, horn-rimmed bucket, rake
Butterbeans icon.png Butterbeans Small green beans in a small green pod. Boiled butterbeans, buttermilk, butterbean sprout
Cactus crown icon.png Cactus crown The prickly pinnacle of a stately succulent. Decoration
Cactus trunk icon.png Cactus trunk The barbed body of a stately succulent. Decoration
Cactus cutlet icon.png Cactus cutlet A succulent slice of a succulent. Cactus steak
Cedar lumbar icon.png Ceder lumbar A large log of cedar wood that could be used to build a charming chalet. Wood
Cedar seedling icon.png Cedar seedling The sprouting shoot of a cedar tree. Lumbar source
Chili peppers icon.png Chili peppers The super-spicy fruit of a super-spikey shrub. Bony steak, searing steak
Coralily icon.png Coralily A pretty pink flower with the leaves still attached. Decoration
Coralily bud icon.png Coralily bud The bud of a bloom with pretty pink petals. Decoration
Cotton icon.png Cotton A flyaway flock of fluffy white fiber. Sewing station, comfy sofa, comfy stool, filter fountain, simple bed, ragged rags, plain clothes, wayfarer’s clothes, cloak of evasion
Cotton plant icon.png Cotton plant A slender-stemmed shrub with soft and fluffy seed pods. Decoration
Daffodaisy icon.png Daffodaisy A lovely little flower with yolk-yellow petals. Decoration
Daffodaisy bud icon.png Daffodaisy bud The bud of a bloom with sunny, saffron petals. Decoration
Dead tree icon.png Dead tree A long-dead tree that’s well past its prime. Decoration
Fibrous fern icon.png Fibrous fern A fern whose firm, fibrous fronds can fulfill many functions. Decoration
Fibrous frond icon.png Fibrous frond A big blade made up of a lot of little leaflets. Fibrous fabric
Freezia icon.png Freezia A frosty flower that’s as white as freshly fallen snow. Decoration
Freezia flower icon.png Freezia flower A snow-white flower that can be pulped to make paper. Book, note, portrait of a lady, Treasures ’n’ Trapdoors, confetti
Frogstool icon.png Frogstool A pretty pink mushroom that’s totally toxic. Fried frogstool, hell broth, Defuddle drops, fishing rod
Grass icon.png Grass Lovely little leaves that grow on the ground. Decoration
Grassy leaves icon.png Grassy leaves Long, strong leaves plucked from the stalwort plant. Straw floor, cookfire, straw door, straw mattress
Holyhock icon.png Holyhock A blessed blossom imbued with purifying powers. Holyhock seed, divine draught
Infernal ivy icon.png Infernal ivy A creepy creeper that’s as black as night. Decoration
Ivy icon.png Ivy A vigorous vine that won’t rip no matter how roughly you pull it. Cord
Marshroom icon.png Marshroom A fungus found on the forest floor that has a slightly sour flavour. Cream of marshroom soup, hell broth, shrooms-on-a-stick
Medicinal leaf icon.png Medicinal leaf A leaf that’s replete with remedial ingredients. Fruit salad, potato salad, super salad, antidotal herb, medicinal herb, Yggdrasil essence
Medicinal shrub icon.png Medical shrub A therapeutic thicket ripped from the ground, roots and all. Decoration
Milkblossom icon.png Milkblossom A fragile flower carefully collected so as not to damage the delicate petals. Verdant vision
Milkblossom bud icon.png Milkblossom bud The bud of a bloom with pure white petals. Decoration
Palm lumber icon.png Palm lumbar A large log of palm wood that could be used to build a beautiful beach hut. Wood
Palm seedling icon.png Palm seedling The sprouting shoot of a palm tree. Lumbar source
Plumberry lumber icon.png Plumberry lumbar A large piece of plumberry wood that could be used to make a lovely log cabin. Wood
Plumberry seedling icon.png Plumberry seedling The sprouting shoot of a plumberry tree. Lumbar source
Pink petals icon.png Pink petals Peachy petals plucked from the colourful coralily. Pot plant, antidotal herb
Pongsettia icon.png Pongsettia A parasitic plant with a particularly pungent perfume. Decoration
Potato icon.png Potato An ugly but edible root that’s surprisingly scrumptious. Fries, potato salad, super salad, potato
Prickly peach cactus icon.png Prickly peach cactus A thorny fruit that’s filled with fluid. Decoration
Pristine plumberry icon.png Pristine plumberry A plump plumberry plucked from under a plumberry tree and prepared to be placed once more.
Sandgrass icon.png Sandgrass Torrid tufts plucked from the sandwort plant. Straw floor, cookfire, straw door, straw mattress
Sandwort icon.png Sandwort A wasteland weed that won’t wither in dry weather. Sandwort
Septic shrub icon.png Septic shrub A blackened bush used in arcane incantations. Bronze temple tile, sword of ruin, wailer’s mail, Thanatos’ shield
Shadowgrass icon.png Shadowgrass Ghostly grass that’s a shadow of its former self. Decoration
Stalwort icon.png Stalwort A grassy plant whose leaves are long and strong enough to make mattresses. Decoration
Strong stalks icon.png Strong stalks Poisonous purple prongs plucked from the bogwort plant. Cookfire, straw door, straw mattress
Sugar cane icon.png Sugar cane A sweet and sticky syrup exudes from the stalks when they’re squashed. Gungerbread, hearty cream cake, ice cream, sugar cane seedling
Tainted tree icon.png Tainted tree A sickly tree stunted and shriveled by the stinking swamp it sprouted in. Decoration
Tingleweed icon.png Tingleweed A flowering plant whose petals produce a potent paralytic poison. Decoration
Tingleweed bud icon.png Tingleweed bud The bud of a stunning, stinging weed. Decoration
Twisted tree trunk icon.png Twisted tree trunk The trunk of a tall tree that was withered by its vile environment. Decoration
Wheat icon.png Wheat Golden grass grains that form a fundamental foodstuff. Baguette, bouillabaisse, gungerbread, hearty cream cake, pancakes, porridge, super salad, bread, wheat seed
White petals icon.png White petals Pale petals plucked from the medicinal milkblossom. Healing cream, Tingle tablet, Yggdrasil essence, faerie fertiliser
Witchgrass icon.png Witchgrass These lavender-coloured leaves grow by the sides of swamps and are packed with poison.
Yellow petals icon.png Yellow petals Pretty petals plucked from the distinctive daffodaisy.