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Kasap is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. Unlike Sap, it reduces the durability of a group of enemies instead of just one.


Dragon Quest II[edit]

The Princess of Moonbrooke learns Kasap at Level 10. In the NES version it reduces the defense of all enemies by 12.5%, and in all other versions it reduces a group of enemies' defense by 50%. It costs 2 MP in all versions.

Dragon Quest III[edit]

Kasap is learned at level 18 by both a Priest and Sage, and decreases defense by 50% for 4 MP.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Kasap is learned by Borya at level 21, and is already known by Psaro upon joining. Orifiela also knows the spell. It has the same properties as in the previous game, but will only last 7~10 turns in the remakes instead of the entire battle.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

Kasap has the same properties as III in all versions.

Name Level
Honey --
Debora --
Goodybag --
Grudgerigar --
Mandrake marshal --
Archdemon 5
Bianca 7
Conkjurer 8
Hellion 9
Nera 11
Pocus poppet 12
Slime 15
Warhog 15
Wiz pip 20
Daughter 22

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Kasap is learned by Ashlynn at level 12. Other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 4 of the Mage vocation. It now reduces defense by 25% for 4 MP.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Kasap has the same cost and effect as in VI, and is learned by reaching rank 5 of the Monster Masher, rank 3 of the Paladin, rank 5 of the Champion, rank 1 of the Hero, and rank 1 of the Druid vocations.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Jessica learns this spell after investing 7 points into her "Staff" skill. It reduces defense by 25%, costs 8 MP, and lasts 7~10 turns.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Kasap reduces defense by up to 50%, and is learned by mages at level 25 and armamentalists at level 18. It costs 8 MP to cast, and will improve in accuracy once the caster's magical might surpasses 50. When the value reaches 499, the spell will be 100% accurate barring enemy resistance.