Monster magnet

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Monster magnet
Japanese モンスターブローチ
Romaji Monsuta burochi
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest V
Effect Tames monsters more easily

The monster magnet is an accessory exclusive to the cell phone version of Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

It was originally a piece of downloadable content for the Japanese version of the game, available for a brief time after the launch period and necessitating a code to be entered on the phone's given app store. It was made a permanent feature of the game on July eleventh, 2019 with the version 1.1.0 update, and released internationally for the first time.


The brooch can only be equipped by the Hero, increasing his Defence by +5 and raising the probability of a monster joining him after battle by one stage. For example, both the Liquid metal slime and Barbatos have a 1/256 (0.39%) chance to join the party, but having the accessory equipped will raise this chance to 1/64 (1.56%). Thus, the original rates of

First Second Third
1/2 1/32 1/16
1/2 1/64 1/64
1/4 1/64 1/64
1/16 1/64 1/64
1/32 1/64 1/128
1/64 1/128 1/256
1/256 1/1024 1/1024

Become the following:

First Second Third
1/2 1/32 1/16
1/2 1/32 1/32
1/2 1/32 1/32
1/4 1/32 1/32
1/16 1/32 1/64
1/32 1/64 1/64
1/64 1/256 1/256


The monster magnet is available for exchange in every casino in the game, requiring just 20,000 tokens.


The magnet shares it's sprite art with the restless heart accessory, looking identical.


Makes monsters more likely to like you.