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Beast Family (Japanese Kanji: 獣 Hiragana:けもの Romanji:Kemono) refers to a classification of monsters in Dragon Quest series that take the form of vicious animals. Usually their names give a hint of the animal they are based on, but several are chimeric in design. In some games, the category also includes members of the Bird and Aquatic families. This family was referred to as the Animal family in Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart.

Usual Item Drops[edit]

Effective Weapons and Skills[edit]

Spears will deal 10% more damage to beasts starting with IX, while the Beast and Beast master claws will deal an extra 20%. The Cattle Prod skill hits them for 50% more damage.


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  • Interesting enough, despite being reptilian in nature, Drackals and their kin are not classified as dragons.
  • In some games, monsters such as the orc or night clubber have occasionally been classified as demons rather than beasts.

Gallery of Beasts[edit]