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Dragon Quest series character
Marquis de Léon
Dragon Quest IV
DQIV Marquis de leon.png
Japanese Name キングレオ
Rōmaji Kingu Reo
Title Marquis
Race Human (originally)

Monster (actually)

Age Unknown
Family Unnamed father
Voice Actor Yukimasa Kishino (CD Theater)

Marquis de Léon (King Leo in Japanese, and Keeleon in the NES localization) is a character in Dragon Quest IV. He controls the Palais de Léon, in the form of a lion monster, with four arms and four legs.


The Marquis de Léon originally uses Balzack as a subordinate, but after gaining further power and no longer needs his help, sending him off to Zamoksva. According to The Unknown Legend, he is the prince of the castle Palais de Léon, who used the Secret of Evolution to assume this form, and the remake depicts him accordingly: when the monster is defeated in the remake, he returns to human form, and forgets his memories as a monster. It is not clear whether Marquis de Léon lost his memories simply due to a side-effect of the Secret of Evolution or because he was brainwashed the entire time under the service of Psaro the Manslayer.

He must be fought twice, once each in the fourth and fifth chapters. It is supposed to be impossible to defeat him in the fourth chapter; if he is defeated, the PlayStation version and the DS version will carry on as though the party lost, and the FC/NES version will repeat the battle. He moves twice per round, attacking, casting Sizzle and breathing frost.


#201 - Marquis de Léon
Marquis de leon.png
HP MP Experience Gold
999 infinite 5100 0
Attack Defense Speed
150 120 30
Dropped Item Full plate armour
Locations Palais de Léon
Skills Attacks twice per round
Cold Breath
Spells Sizzle
Bestiary # 201
Game Dragon Quest IV
Console DS

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In DQM:J2, a Marquis de Léon can be made by synthesizing a mohawker and a buffalogre. It is a Rank A monster.

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