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Dragon Quest V
DQV Honey DS Art.png
Japanese name ベラ
Romaji Bera (Bella)
Race Faerie
Voice actor Hinako Yoshino (CD Theater)

Honey is a faerie and recurring character in the Dragon Quest series. She joins the Hero during his first visit to Faerie Lea. After helping to retrieve the Herald of Spring, she remains in Faerie Lea when the Hero returns to the human world.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Honey is a Faerie with blue hair. She in her original game she wears a simple woven grass dress, tied off with a thin rope capped with red beads. She accessories with large, oval shaped earrings and she wears sandals with matching calf wraps.

Honey's Dragon Quest X outfit replaces her dress with a green fabric blouse and a skirt that alternates between cream and saffron stripes. Her belt, sandals, wraps, and earrings remain, and she has added two flowers to her hair.

Honey is a very cheery girl, having the disposition of a young child. She maintains an optimistic outlook despite dour circumstances, and she is loyal to her leader Treacle. Honey does possess a mischievous streak, however, pulling pranks on a few citizens of Whealbrook before meeting the Hero.


Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]

Early on, someone had stolen the Herald of Spring from Treacle, preventing her from ushering in the new season and leaving Faerie Lea in perpetual winter. Honey traveled to the village of Whealbrook and started mischief in hopes of getting attention of someone to help, but the only person who saw her was the six-year old Hero. Taking him and his sabercub to the land of faeries, Treacle explained the problem. Assisting the Hero, they tracked down the thief, Dwight, and his mistress, Winter Queen. After returning the Herald to Treacle, Honey remained at Faerie Lea.

During the second generation, a boy in Whealbrook is speaking to Honey in his sleep. Honey can be spoken to in the third generation, when the Hero and his children travel to Faerie Lea to seek aid in restoring the sunken Zenithia.


Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 7
HP ?? 38
MP ?? 47
Strength ?? 29
Agility ?? 24
Resilience ?? 7
Wisdom ?? 6
Luck ?? 6
Attack ?? 38
Defence ?? 31
Initial gear Oaken staff, Silk robe, Leather shield, Hairband


Honey does not level up from any Experience that she gains during her short tenure, and has only a few spells:

Dragon Quest V (DS) 
Spell Level Learned
Heal -
Kasap -
Sizz -
Dazzle -

Remake changes[edit]

Honey receives several buffs in the PlayStation 2 remake, which were carried forward into all subsequent versions. Specifically, she has a 20% resistance to Frizz, Sizz, Bang, Zap & Sap, as well as a 67% resistance to Woosh, Crack, Snooze, Dazzle, and Fizzle. She also enjoys an immunity to all other ailments, and a 1/6th evasion rate.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Honey has appeared alongside Treacle in several spring related events in the game, and now sports a pair of translucent wings to better distinguish her from the playable race of Elves.

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]

Honey is a rare card that has the ability to reduce the cost of spells and skills for the player.


  • Although Honey seems to be female, her sex is listed as "???" in her attributes menu.