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Torneko dropping some gold.

Gold or gold coins (with the currency symbol of G) is the standard unit of exchange used in the Dragon Quest games. Gold is needed to purchase weapons, armor, items, getting Casino tokens, taking an item out of the vault, as well as to stay at most inns. You can get gold from defeating monsters as well as obtaining it from treasure chests or selling your old equipment and unused items.

Gold is also subtracted if the player dies in battle in order to be resurrected (though the main character will still be resurrected even if there's no gold).

The value of gold coins is not consistent across Dragon Quest titles and a particular item frequently costs more or less depending on the game. That said, it's interesting to note that gold coins can be considered a sort of auxiliary world currency, as they are accepted everywhere throughout a particular game's world (though even in that world one item may have a differing value, possibly suggesting a sort of exchange rate.)

Protecting gold[edit]

Starting with Dragon Quest III, gold can be stored within vaults, though the minimum amount that can be deposited is 1,000 coins. Gold that is stored in the vault will not be taken if the main character(s) is killed. Remakes of Dragon Quest & Dragon Quest II also had vaults implemented.

Starting with Dragon Quest VI, vaults were replaced with a bank which unlike the former, stored only gold rather than with equipment.

Other means of obtaining gold[edit]

Dragon Quest[edit]

Selling Death Necklaces for easy money: Go to Craggy Cave and get the Death Necklace which can be found at random, then sell it for 1200 Gold. You can repeat this process for easy money.

Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line[edit]

Selling Staff of Thunder for easy money. In the NES version of Dragon Quest II, once you get the Jail Key. Go to Midenhall, go down the basement of the dungeon, open the Jail doors and then fight the Evil Clowns who will drop the Staff of Thunder which can be sold for 19,500 gold. After you sell the Staff of Thunder, save your game and rest. Open the game back up and fight the Evil Clown and get the Staff of Thunder again. Use this trick for easy money. Note: This trick will no longer work in the Gameboy Color version, or the Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch version.

Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

  • Party members who are Merchants will snag several additional gold coins after the end of a battle.
  • Gold can be won through winning bets in the arenas at Romaria, Isis, Manoza and Cantlin.

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen[edit]

  • Chapter 3 had many ways to obtain gold due Torneko's goal:
    • Torneko is payed for his work in the weapon shop of Lakanaba.
    • Old Man Finnegan pays you around 10 gold coins to take him the church daily.
    • An old man in Endor will pay 25,000 gold coins for the Silver goddess statue.
    • Equipment can be sold for more money than usual at Torneko's shop.
    • After Torneko's shop is opened, King Norman of Endor will pay you 60,000 gold coin to provide his soldiers with 6 sets of Steel broadsword and Iron armour (7 of each in the NES Version).
  • Meena Mahabala and Maya Mahabala receive a payment of 100 gold coins for their last day from the theater troupe from Laissez Fayre.
  • You can get a Cautery sword who will sell it to Torneko at random. Once you get it in the store immediately quit working at the weapon store or it's at risk of being bought by a customer.
  • Once you buy the store at Endor, you can make money by giving your wife who runs the store, Steel broadswords, Cautery swords, Iron Aprons. She will pay you more money. You can have a stockpile of 99 of each weapon, armor, item. It will be carried over in chapter 5.
  • Selling Prayer Rings and Magical Silks for easy money: Chapter 2, 3, 5 and 6 is the best place for making money at the Casino. First of all buy coins. Then go save your game. Then go to the Monster Arena place 50 tokens on the monster who may or may not win. You'll need to win at least 2 or 3 times in a row which is difficult to do and you'll have a 25 to 33 percent chance of winning coins on the monster you bet on. If you lose too much money, rest and start over. Once you win at least over 800 coins, save your game and repeat the process over and over. Eventually you'll have enough to buy Prayer Rings for 500 coins which can be sold for 2250 Gold. Later on in Chapter 6 DS version or near the end of Chapter 5 Android or iOS, get your Pioneer Town upgraded to a castle and then go to the Casino in the basement of the castle and buy Magical Skirts for 1000 coins which can be sold for 7350 Gold. This will help you buy expensive weapons and armor.
  • Torneko stealing weapons, armor from monsters: You'll need the Sands of Time item if you need to start the battle over, if you accidentally kill an enemy. In battle you'll want to have Torneko fight in your party. Torneko will disobey the player and randomly do his own thing the following he does in battle, tell a joke, put enemies to sleep, scare enemies, land a critical hit on an enemy, do nothing, steal from the enemy. Once Torneko decides to randomly steal from the enemy he will will succeed 100 percent of the time. You can steal weapons and armor and sell them for a lot of gold which is helpful since weapons and armor is very expensive in Chapter 5, 6.

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]

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Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

  • In Haggleton, brothers Buck & Bill will try to compete in purchasing the Village goods from you by offering a higher amount of gold than the others. The high amount obtainable is 480 gold coins from Bill.
  • The characters, while fighting as Merchants will pick up extra gold after battles.
  • Selling Silk Tuxedos for easy money: When you get to a town Port Haven, save your game first before doing this. Then go to the Casino in the basement and gamble on the slot machines. Bet your coins to the maximum and win money. If you lose too much, rest and start over. Once you win money, save your game and go back to the casino and gamble on the slot machines. Bet 900 coins on the biggest slot machine and you win more money than ever. Once you have enough coins, trade it in for prizes. Buy the Silk Tuxedos and then sell them at stores and you'll make 2625 coins. This will help you to buy expensive weapons and armor in the game.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

  • Basic items can be mixed in the Alchemy Pot to create more valuable items for selling, though it should only be done in moderation as the selling price will lower after selling a certain amounts of rare items.
  • Dodgy Dave from Pickham will give the party several rewards for supplying him with items mostly available through Alchemy, with most of the rewards being gold.
  • (Nintendo 3DS Version only) Red is able to sometime obtain extra gold after a battle if her skill points in Roguery are up to 7 (Gold-Getter) or 52 (Fortune Fleecer).


  • In the original versions of Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest V the player would suffer loss of gold during the course of both stories due to bosses that are unbeatable at a certain point. Remakes of both games changed it to remove the penalty, due to there being no choice for the players. The bosses in question are:

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