List of minor characters in Dragon Quest V

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Capt. Blithe[edit]

The friendly captain of the luxury yacht owned by Rodrigo Briscoletti, that carries both the hero and his father in the opening prologue.


One of the assistants of Monty, she will give advice on how monster's wisdom score affects their cooperation in battle.


The Queen of the Faeries, she lives in the Faerie Palace. There, she tells the Hero how it is possible to get back the Gold Orb through the use of a magical painting.

Chancellor Jeeves[edit]

The corrupt chancellor of Gotha. He was opposed to Prince Albert stepping down and letting the Hero become the new king, and sent thugs to try to stop him from bringing back the Insignia. After that failed, he got everyone drunk during the coronation celebrations so monsters could abduct the Hero's wife. This alliance went badly for the Chancellor, as the Hero found him dying in Knightmare Towers.

Checkpoint Charlie[edit]

A guard posted at the river tunnel between Coburg & Whealbrook during the first generation.


Count Uptaten and Miss Count[edit]

The former count and countess of Uptaten Towers. They and the other inhabitants were slain long ago by monsters, and their spirits are now being tormented by ghosts that have taken residence in the abandoned castle. They aid both the hero and Bianca when they attempt to drive out the ghosts.

Darwin the Psarologist[edit]

A researcher staying at Castle Coburg.



Dwight's grandfather[edit]

The unnamed grandad of Dwight. He was banished some time ago by the previous, strict elder of Faerie Lea for writing the 'Lots about Locks' book. Dwight was misled by the Winter Queen into thinking it was Treacle that banished him, so he stole the Herald of Spring as retribution. The dwarf asks the hero to set Dwight straight.

Later, he built the Spring T'n'T board at the site of the melted Winter Palace.

Frank O'Phobe[edit]

A guard posted at the river tunnel between Coburg & Whealbrook during the second generation.



A guard at the slave camps at Crocodilopolis. He is troubled when his sister Maria is enslaved for going against the Order of Zugzwang, and arranges for her along with the Hero and Harry to escape with a barrel.

Later, when the Hero and his kids return to Crocodilopolis to confront Korol, Joshua's remains can be found with last will.

King James[edit]

The king of Coburg; he had summoned Pankraz to Coburg. Some time after the hero and his son went missing, he died, leaving Wilbur to ascend the throne.

Mr. Rockefeller[edit]

The father of the Whealbrooke item shopkeeper, Mr. Rockefeller was caught in a cave-in while gathering herbs to make medicine. The young hero rescued him by removing the boulder. If the player sees him afterward at the item shop, he'll give a reward.

Mystic Mridula

Mystic Mridula[edit]

The fortune teller at Fortuna. Though normally works at night, she'll read a fortune even during the day due to the hero's "handsome face."

Prince Wilbur[edit]

The half-brother of Prince Harry, he assumes the throne after King James died due to Harry's disappearance. Under his reign, his mother became replaced by an impostor that began imposing draconian laws through him. When the hero and Harry finally resurfaced, he admitted his concerns and give them a key to try to get to the bottom of it.

After exposing the Faux dowager, Harry declines to take the throne. As thanks for getting rid of the impostor, Wilbur revealed to the Hero what he knew about the whereabouts of the legendary equipment.

Queen Consort[edit]

The Queen Consort is married to King James of Coburg. She hopes to have her son Wilbur take the throne over his half-brother Harry. To that end, she hired some thugs to abduct Harry. However, when James died and Wilbur ascended to the throne, she was replaced by an imposter.


Also known as Powan. She is the head Faerie of Faerie Lea. She asked the Hero to help retrieve the missing Herald of Spring. In doing so, she promises to repay him one day with a favor, which she did by giving him the Faerie horn during the third generation.


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