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This is a list of the characters in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

Party Members[edit]

Note: The player may freely assign names to The Hero's children; in the PS2 version the son has the name "Rex" (レックス) by default, and the daughter has the name "Tabatha" (タバサ). In the DS version the son's default name is "Parry," while daughter's default name is "Madchen."

  • The Hero: The only son of King Pankraz and Queen Madalena of Gotha. He wears a signature purple turban. He is the legitimate heir to the throne of Gotha, but traveled with his father Pankraz in his youth. He inherited magical powers from his mother, and has the ability to convert monsters to his side. For the first time in the series, he is something of a cleric-type character with wind-based spells, in addition to having the ability to tame monsters. However he does not learn lightning-based spells and cannot use the Legendary Equipment, as he is not The Legendary Hero. However, he can equip several other powerful pieces of equipment, making him useful in combat. In the official PS2 guidebook, he is called "Abel" (アベル) in the screenshots. The profession listed in his info display changes among the following:
    • “Son of Papas” 「パパスの息子」 (in the first era of the game)
    • “Temple slave” 「神殿のドレイ」 (in the short period when he is in the Great Temple
    • “Escaped slave” 「逃げたドレイ」 (after escaping with Harry)
    • “Wandering traveler” 「さすらいの旅人」 (after leaving Harry in Coburg)
    • “Master of Monsters” 「モンスター使い」 (after Saber joins the party, if you tell the boy in Hay what you have done; otherwise it stays “Wandering traveler”)
    • “King of Gotha” 「グランバニア王」 (after the coronation)
    • “A Hero's Father” 「勇者の父親」 (after obtaining the Zenithian helm in Helmunaptra)
  • Pankraz (パパス): Father of The Hero. He was the king of Gotha, but in order to rescue his wife Madalena, who was taken to Nadiria, he left in search of The Legendary Hero, in the company of Sancho and his young son. He is a powerful warrior with a handsome figure, and can cast healing spells. He has a kingly grace and rigor, and a gentle face, but seems cold on his visit of Whittey in Roundbeck, and confused on his visit to Coburg. He cannot be controlled in battle; he will use his own judgment in acting. He is powerful enough that he can often attack twice in one round, and frequently issues critical hits. After the end of the battle, he will use his healing spells to restore the HP of The Hero, and the sabercat cub if he is present. Unusually, these spells will completely recover The Hero's HP, and cure all status conditions.
  • Bianca Whitaker (ビアンカ): The main character's childhood friend and the older of the two girls. She is blond and has blue eyes. She is the adoptive daughter of Whitaker, the innkeeper of Roundbeck. She is tomboyish as a child and has a heart of gold. She seeks to protect the sabercat cub from some bullies, with the help of The Hero. A few years later, she and Whitaker move to Stockenbarrel, and her foster mother dies from a disease. After reuniting with The Hero, she becomes a candidate to marry him. If she does, it becomes apparent that she is a descendant of The Legendary Hero. Since she starts out two years older than The Hero, and spends two years longer as a statue, she is the same age as The Hero in the endgame. If The Hero marries Nera, Bianca remains single and lives with Whitaker. She becomes a good cook. She learns some fire-based spells. and can equip slightly better items than Nera, but is about equally valuable. She has higher Attack Power and lower Defense Power than Nera.
  • Prince Harry (ヘンリー): The elder prince of the kingdom of Coburg. He is taken into slavery along with The Hero, and is a party member for the first part of the second era. Talking to him afterwards, The hero learns that he is now happily married to Maria. He is able to equip soldier's weapons and armor, and can use many low-level spells.
  • Nera Briscoletti (フローラ): Daughter of Rodrigo Briscoletti, and the younger of the two girls. She has blue hair and eyes, and has a dog named Bingo. Like Bianca, she is an adoptive child. Her real parentage is revealed in the ending. She spent over 10 years in a monastery and became a graceful, kind-hearted woman. But she never learned to cook in those 10 years. Rodrigo plans to have her marry The Hero when he visits Mostroferrato. If she marries The Hero, it becomes clear that she is a descendant of The Legendary Hero. If The Hero marries Bianca, then Nera will marry Crispin Burns. In the remakes, she meets The Hero and Papas during the first era in Littlehaven, and remembers this meeting in her adulthood. She cannot equip as many items as Bianca, but eventually gains the upper-level fire and healing spells, unlike Bianca. Rodrigo will occasionally leave chests containing items for his son-in-law. In particular, he gives the Hero a "Mysterious Armor" in Hay.
  • The Hero's Son, Prince of Gotha: One of the twin children of The Hero and his wife. He, Sancho, and his sister cure The hero's petrification in the third era. The three will then join The Hero's party. Since he is a descendant of both the previous Legendary Hero (through his mother) and the supernatural bloodline of Lofty Peaks (through his father), he is the new Legendary Hero. He is thus the only character who can equip the Zenithian Equipment, and the only one to learn lightning-based spells. As usual for The Legendary Hero, he also slowly gains healing, curing, and resurrection spells. He also gains resistance to the "Scorching breath" special attack. However, his MP will be slightly lower than the other three members of his family. His stats do not depend on whether her mother is Bianca, Nera, or Debora, but he does inherit her hair color.
  • The Hero's Daughter, Princess of Gotha: One of the twin children of The Hero and his wife. She uses the Stolos' staff to restore her father at the beginning of the third era. In the PS2 version, the princess is identified as the younger of the two siblings (although they still have the same amount of EXP). She is rather dissatisfied that only her brother can use the Zenithian Equipment. She is on good terms with her cousin Gertrude, but finds the mischievous Prince Kendrick of Coburg rather disagreeable. Also she has good relations with The Hero's monsters companions, and can speak with the animal and bird monsters. She has low Attack Power, but her other stats are high, and she gains many powerful all-monster attack spells, such as the Bang line of spells. Her stats do not depend on whether her mother is Bianca, Nera, or Debora, but like her brother she will inherit her mother's hair color. Curiously, she can still equip Bianca's ribbon even if she is Nera or Debora's daughter.
  • Sancho (サンチョ): An agent in the service of Papas. He serves The Hero after Pankraz' death. He is a plump man with kindly air. He is in charge of educating The Hero, and acted as a foster parent for his children while he was petrified. He revered Pankraz deeply, and grieves for him more than anyone. Late in the second era, he appears at Patty's Party Planner and can be added to the party. He gains various death spells, and in the remakes also gains specialty thief spells. He has high Attack Power, but low Agility.
  • Tuppence (ピピン): A soldier in the Castle Gotha. He volunteered to be a soldier, much to the dismay of his father Thruppence. Like Sancho, he appears in Patty's tavern in the start of the third era. He a warrior-type character: strong and can use many pieces of equipment, but has no spellcasting power at all. He has high HP, and moderate agility.
  • Saber (ベビーパンサー)/Great sabercat (キラーパンサー): A leopard-shaped monster. He is a young great sabercat tamed by Bianca and The Hero. Great Sabercat are also known as "Hell's Assassins"; they normally cannot be tamed. He was being bullied by the children of Roundbeck, but was rescued by Bianca and The Hero when they defeated the ghosts of Uptaten Towers. Bianca gave him her ribbon when they split up. In the second era, he has grown into an adult, and lives in a cave west of Hay. He has been driven feral by Bishop Ladja, but can be tamed again using Bianca's ribbon. He is guarding Pankraz's sword. Bianca thinks up several potential names, from which The Hero may choose:
    • In the SFC Version: Borongo (ボロンゴ), Pukkuru (プックル), Tyrol (チロル), Geregere (ゲレゲレ)
    • Additional names in the PS2 version: Andre (アンドレ), Lynx (リンクス), Momo (モモ), Solo (ソロ), Bibinbar (ビビンバ), Gikogiko (ギコギコ). (10 total names)
    • In the English version of the Nintendo DS remake: Saber, Leo, Spot, Mahicat, Tom, Purrcy, Mogy, Punk, Pyjamas, Baumren

Other Major Characters[edit]

Dr. Agon
  • Madalena (マーサ): The wife of Pankraz, and mother of The Hero. She is a native of Lofty Peak, who left to live with her husband. The Hero inherits his power to tame monsters from her; but she has the further power to turn the monsters into humans, as demonstrated in Precaria. The Grandmaster transported her to the demon world because she knew how to open the gate to that realm. She exhausted all her power sealing Nimzo in Mt. Zugzwang, and dies shortly after meeting her descendants.
  • Mr. Whitaker (ダンカン): Bianca's foster father. During the first era, he runs an inn in Roundbeck. But he later becomes sick, and moves to Stockenbarrel with Bianca. He later confesses to The Hero that Bianca is not his real child.
  • Mrs. Whitaker: The mother of Bianca. She is first seen in Whealbrook with her daughter to pick up medicine for her husband. In the second generation, it's later revealed that she unexpectedly passed away.
  • Honey (ベラ): One of the fairies. She is sent to the mortal world to find a human who can help solve the crisis facing the Faerie Lea; but she cannot be seen by any of the adults in Whealbrook, so she engages in various forms of mischief in the hopes of attracting their attention. The Hero, however, can see her, and so she asks for his help. She will join The Hero's party during the adventure in the fairy world (She can be controlled in the SFC version, but will not always follow orders in the PS2/DS remakes.)
  • Treacle (ポワン): She is the head Faerie of Faerie Lea. She asked The Hero to help retrieve the missing Herald of Spring. In doing so, she promises to repay him one day with a favor, which she did by giving him the Faerie horn during the third generation.
  • Prince Wilbur (デール)(Originally Prince Dale: The younger prince of the kingdom of Coburg. He is Harry's half-brother, and assumes the throne when his step-father died as Harry was missing at the time. His "mother" turned out to be a demon impostor, imprisoning the real Queen Dowager in the dungeon while she enacted a reign of terror in Coburg. After the impostor is deposed, Prince Harry stays at the castle but leave power with Wilbur. He decides to remain celibate, so that Harry's son Kendrick can take the throne without causing another succession dispute.
  • Maria (マリア): Sister of Joshua, the prison warden of Crocodilopolis. She was originally the cult leader's lady-in-waiting, but she broke her favorite plate and was thrown into the prison as a slave. She escapes the temple with Harry and The Hero, thanks to Joshua's help. Her power is necessary to get into Abovitall Tower, although she does not participate in combat. She later marries Harry and gives birth to Kendrick.
  • Monty the monster monitor: an expert on monsters, he teaches The Hero how to befriend beasts and will take care of those not currently in the party or wagon. He performs the monster equivalent to the services found in churches, and can also rename any monster. He has den's in Fortuna, Lodestar Harbour, and Gotha.
  • Rodrigo Briscoletti (ルドマン): A millionaire living in Mostroferrato with his foster daughters Nera and Debora Briscoletti. He has imposed strict conditions on who his younger daughter can marry. After the marriage, he gives the main character a ship, and in the remakes also owns a casino ship. He has a strong arm from working in the tool shop. Nera says that when he concentrates on something, he loses sight of what is around him. Rodrigo's wife, whose name is not given, seems to enjoy hardship, according to the story; for example, she travelled to the same places that Rodrigo sends The Hero. His ancestor Rudolph (ルドルフ) sealed a demon named Bjørn the Behemoose (ブオーン) in a vase 150 years ago.
  • Cleohatra (アイシス): Queen of Helmunaptra. She can see the future, and awaits the appearance of The Legendary Hero. She and her ancestors have kept the Zenithian Helm since the time of the last Legendary Hero. Her ancestors were among The Hero's companions, although it is not stated which.
  • Prince Albert (オジロン): Pankraz' brother; he assumed the throne of Gotha when Pankraz left to seek The Legendary Hero. He readily cedes the throne to The Hero upon his return. He is well-liked and has good character, but does not have the determination to be a good king. He has a daughter named Gertrude, but his wife is never mentioned.
  • Dr. Agon (プサン): A mysterious man the party meets in a mine south of Lofty Peaks, he claims to have fallen from the heavens. He says he has been trapped in a mine cart for 20 years. He appears to be a bartender, but is actually the Zenith Dragon who rules Zenithia. He has sealed his powers and assumed human form using the Dragon orb.
  • Patty the party planner (ルイーダ): an Gothan native who runs a bar on the second floor. She manages all human characters not traveling with The Hero.

Other Characters[edit]

  • Ashlee (スーザン): A beautiful dancer, Crispin Burns will marry her in the third generation if the hero marries Nera. Note this character won't appear if the hero marries Bianca or Debora.
  • Captain Blithe: The friendly captain of the luxury yacht owned by Rodrigo Briscoletti, that carries both The Hero and his father in the opening prologue.
  • Caramel: The Queen of the Faeries, she lives in the Faerie Palace. There, she tells The Hero how it is possible to get back the Gold orb through the use of a magical painting.
  • Carla (イナッツ): The bunny-girl assistant of Monty, she will give advice on how monster's wisdom score affects their cooperation in battle.
  • Count Uptaten and Miss Count: The former count and countess of Uptaten Towers. They and the other inhabitants were slain long ago by monsters, and their spirits are now being tormented by ghosts that have taken residence in the abandoned castle. They aid both The Hero and Bianca when they attempt to drive out the ghosts.
  • Cleo (クラリス): She is the star dancer of the Lodestar Harbour inn, and the main attraction of the town for many visitors. She can be spotted dancing at night. In the third generation, she has aged out of the competitive business and is replaced by another dancer (named ノーラ in Japanese).
  • Crispin Burns (アンディ): Nera's childhood crush. If The Hero marries Bianca or Debora, he will marry Nera, while if The Hero marries Nera, he will marry the dancer Ashlee (Susan in the fan translation). In any case he will live with Mr. Briscoletti.
  • Dwight (ザイル): The son of a dwarf who lives in the fairy world. In order to make the world freeze, he stole the Fairy Flute from the Fairy Queen. He was then trapped in the Winter Palace. In the PS2 edition, he appears in the second half of the second era as a Monster Companion. He looks like a miniature version of the Hoodlum monster.
  • Dwight's grandfather: The unnamed grandad of Dwight. He was banished some time ago by the previous, strict elder of Faerie Lea for writing the 'Lots about Locks' book, which made potential burglars out of anyone who read it. Dwight was misled by the Winter Queen into thinking it was Treacle that banished him, so he stole the Herald of Spring as retribution. The dwarf asks The Hero to set Dwight straight. Later, he built the Spring T'n'T board at the site of the melted Winter Palace.
  • Georgie (ジージョ): The son of a millionaire who lives on a small island southeast of Granvania. His father buys the statue of The Hero after he is turned to stone. The Hero then watches him grow up, and get kidnapped by demons and taken to Crocodilopolis.
  • Gertrude (ドリス): Daughter of Albert, cousin of The Hero. She is thus a princess, since Albert has assumed the throne. Her mother is not mentioned in the game. In the ending she is seen dragging Dr. Agon to dance with her.
  • Joshua (ヨシュア): He is the older brother of Maria. He is originally a soldier of Crocodilopolis. But when his sister Maria is threatened with execution, he decides to help her escape, along with the Heroes so that they can protect her. He is then imprisoned out of suspicion and later dies in prison. He leaves his will on the wall closest to his corpse. In the ending, The Hero delivers the will to Maria.
  • Kendrick (コリンズ): Harry and Maria's son, the Prince of Coburg. His uncle Wilbur has named him heir to the throne. Like his father, Harry, in the first era, he gives his friends "henchman tokens". He is more popular with the girls of the castle than Harry was at the same age, however.
  • Mr. Rockefeller: The father of the Whealbrooke item shopkeeper, Mr. Rockefeller was caught in a cave-in while gathering herbs to make medicine. The Young Hero rescued him by removing the boulder. If the player sees him afterward at the item shop, he'll give a reward.
Mystic Mridula
  • Mystic Mirdula: The fortune teller at Fortuna. Though normally works at night, she'll read a fortune even during the day due to The Hero's "handsome face."
  • Old Man Nick Knack (ゆうじい): Curator of The Knick-knackatory.
  • Toilen Trubble (ベネット): An old man living in Zoomingale, who - much to his neighbors' chagrin, due to the loud noises and explosions that emanate from his home - spends all his time toiling away at researching ancient spells. With some help from The Hero, Toilen Trubble is able to retrieve the Lunar Zoombloom, which he uses to create the Zoom spell. Much later in the game, if players visit him again at his residence in Zoominggale, he will provide The Hero with the Hocus Pocus spell.

Enemy characters[edit]

Order of Zugzwang[edit]

  • Grandmaster Nimzo (ミルドラース): The final boss. An archdevil who lives in Mt. Zugzwang in Nadiria. In the remakes, it is stated that it was originally human long ago. He has been gathering strength in Nadiria, and waiting for the portal to the world to open. His true appearance is a huge demon with four arms and a pair of wings. He is not mentioned until the final stage of the story in the original version, but is mentioned throughout the story in the remakes.
  • Bishop Ladja (ゲマ): A leader of the Order of Zugzwang. He first appears in the Ancient Ruins, along with Kon the Knight and Slon the Rook. They kill Pankraz and enslave the Heroes when they try to escape, taking them to Crocodilopolis. He later petrifies The Hero and his wife atop Knightmare Towers. He is later confronted in Talon Tower. In the remakes, he survives this battle and reappears after the fight with Korol and again in Mt. Zugzwang. It is stronger in this new appearance. However, it is very dangerous in Talon Tower because it breathes paralysis, and it is not possible to replace companions from the wagon in the Tower. Ladja looks like wikipedia:Frieza in wikipedia:Dragonball, according to Yūji Horii.
  • King Korol (イブール): The crocodile-like founder of the Order of Zugzwang, a religion that worships Nimzo. It waits in the labyrinth beneath Mount Azimuth for The Legendary Hero. When he dies, it tries to borrow power from Nimzo and send the Heroes to Nadiria, but is unsuccessful. He is ultimately killed off by Bishop Ladja as his purpose was served.
  • Kon the Knight (ジャミ): One of the followers of Gema, he lives in the Knightmare Towers to the north of Gotha. He looks like a white horse covered in scales. He kidnaps The Hero's wife to lure The Hero to the tower and defeat him, and then take his place as the King. In the SFC version, he petrifies The Hero and his wife as his last dying act, but in the PS2/DS version, he summons Ladja who does this instead. His body is defended by a barrier at first, making him almost invulnerable.
  • Slon the Rook (ゴンズ): One of the followers of Ladja. This ogre-like demon guards one of the dragon's eyes in the Talon Tower. In the SFC version, it fights with a saber, but in the PS2 version, this is changed to a huge Nata. It has no special attacks, it only attacks normally, although for high damage.
  • Queen Ferz (ラマダ): A one-eyed, giant priest who serves Ibul. She takes on the form of Madalena to confuse The Hero. It triggers various curses depending on the conversation options The Hero selects before combat, and with the right selections the battle can be avoided altogether. Her true form is a palette swap of Gigantes, and has high magic resistance, as well as casting high-level spells.

Other Enemies[edit]

  • Chancellor Jeeves (グランバニア大臣): The corrupt chancellor of Gotha. He was opposed to Prince Albert stepping down and letting The Hero become the new king, and sent thugs to try to stop him from bringing back the Insignia. After that failed, he got everyone drunk during the coronation celebrations so monsters could abduct The Hero's wife. This alliance went badly for the Chancellor, as The Hero found him dying in Knightmare Towers.
  • Bjørn the Behemoose (ブオーン): A huge demon sealed in a jar by Rudolph, ancestor of Mr. Briscoletti. After 150 years, the seal has begun to wear off, freeing the demon. It has moss growing on its body from being sealed for so long. It is a powerful enemy which can increase its defense power as well as cast lightning attacks. It drops the Ultimate Key when defeated.
  • Estark (エスターク): The Emperor of Hell from Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. In this game, it is asleep in his labyrinth, which appears after the game is completed. The color is similar to that of Psaro the Manslayer's first form in the previous game. In the remakes, a certain character and a certain book in Precaria suggest his presence. (However, the content of the relevant dialog and the book are different before the story is completed.) Unlike in the previous game, this time it shows the immense power expected of a hidden boss. In the remakes, defeating him in under 15 turns grants the knick-knack "Catas-Trophy".
  • Queen Consort: The Queen Consort is married to the dying King James of Coburg. She hopes to have her son Wilbur take the throne over his half-brother Harry. To that end, she hired some thugs to abduct Harry. However, when James died and Wilbur ascended to the throne, she was replaced by an imposter.
  • Robbin' hood (Kandata, カンダタ): An assassin hired by the old Minister of Gotha (before Albert) to prevent The Hero from becoming King. He attacks with the aid of a hippoblockomus in the Riteof Passage northeast of Gotha. Although his original name is the same as Robbin' 'Ood from Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation, the appearance is different.