Eastern Wormwood

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Eastern Wormwood is a region in Dragon Quest IX.

It is located on the eastern side of the southwestern continent. The town of Wormwood Creek is located right at the center. In the southeastern part of the region, there is a plateau that can only be accessed with the Starlight Express in the postgame.

The region can be reached as soon as the player acquires the ship, although there is not much reason to do so until later in the game.



Within the region[edit]

  • Wormwood Creek is located in the center of the region.
  • A stone bridge that connects the western and eastern sides of the region.
  • Hope Springs, a spring located in the uppermost part of the region.
  • A high plateau in the southeast with two wells. It is only accessible via flight.

Collectible Resources[edit]

Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Item Location
DQ9 CrimsonCoral.pngCrimson coral Western side at the beach south of Wormwood Creek
DQ9 BelleCap.pngBelle cap Mushroom field at the lakeside on the path to Western Wormwood
DQ9 SleepingHibiscus.pngSleeping hibiscus Flower field in the north near Hope Springs
DQ9 SuperirorMedicine.pngSuperior medicine Grassy field on the eastern side of the region near the base of the rocky mountains

Monsters in the Area[edit]

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#131 Sootheslime 172 G 1050 Medicinal herb
#139 Grim grinner 118 G 760 Cautery sword
Magic shield
#140 Sluggernaut 120 G 720 Cloak of evasion
Starlet sandals
#141 Splatterhorn 122 G 980 Magic beast horn
Magic beast hide
#142 Whirly girly 132 G 1020 Agility ring
Pretty betsy
#143 Gramarye gruffon 145 G 1310 Wing of bat
Safety shoes
#144 Skeleton soldier 149 G 1100 Chain mail
Platinum sword


Quest #59 - "Runny Bunny"
Location Eastern Wormwood
Availability after finishing the main story and doing quest #39
Requested by Shanice
Fulfilled to Shanice
Item Required Metal slime sollerets
Reward Venus' Tear
Detail Shanice, the bunny girl in the northern well at the top of the mountain in Eastern Wormwood, wants you to bring her some shoes that will help her run as fast as a metal slime.
Hint for solution The Metal Slime Sollerets can rarely be found in a rank A blue treasure chest in a level 60+ grotto.
Repeatable Yes
Quest #60 - "That Makes Scents"
Location Eastern Wormwood
Availability After doing Quest #39.
Requested by Myrrhia
Fulfilled to Myrrhia
Item Required DQ9 Nectar.pngNectar, DQ9 Thinkincense.pngThinkincense, DQ9 Narspicious.pngNarspicious
Reward DQ9 EnchantedStone.pngEnchanted Stone
Detail Myrrhia from the southern well at the top of the mountain in Eastern Wormwood has asked you to bring her something calming, something sweet-smelling and something spicy, yet suspicious, for an incense for King Considerate.
Hint for solution Give her one of each of the items. Thinkincense is something calming and can be found on the Cringle Coast, Western Wormwood, or the Wyrmneck. Nectar has a nice, sweet scent and can be found in the Bloomingdale region, Mt. Ulbaruun, or the Snowberian Coast. Narspicious is something spicy, yet somehow suspicious and can be found in the Urdus Marshland and Western Wormwood.
Repeatable Yes.
Quest #159 - "Have You Seen Charlene?"
Location Wormwood Creek, Mayor's house
Availability After downloading from DQVC.
Requested by Wormwood Creek Mayor
Fulfilled to Wormwood Creek Mayor
Item Required Sleeping hibiscus, Celestial skein.
Reward 3 Mini medals
Detail The mayor's daughter Charlene has gone missing. He doesn't think she would have wandered too far away.
Hint for solution Head to the springs area northeast of Wormwood Creek to find Charlene. Bring 5 Sleeping hibiscus and 2 Celestial skeins to her so she can make a bouquet. She will then run home and you will have a brief conversation with the ghost of a little girl. You can buy the Sleeping hibiscus in Bloomingdale & use alchemy for the Celestial skein.
Repeatable No
Date Released January 14, 2011