Monster recruitment

Introduced in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, the recruitment of bested beasts has appeared in some capacity in nearly every title in the series since 1992.

The cast of Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation along with several monstrous mates.

Specifically, the system is present in every even-numbered title beginning with Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation.

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly BrideEdit

Monster recruitment was simplistic in its original inception, being a fixed percentage that could not be changed by the player. If multiple recruitable monsters appear in the same encounter, only the final felled foe will have a chance to join the Hero. In the Nintendo DS and cell phone versions, monster allies will only alternate between two lines of dialogue during Party Chat, as opposed to the fuller conversations of human characters.

As of 2019, the Cell phone ports saw the addition of the Monster magnet accessory for the the Hero, which when equipped can increase the odds of a monster joining up by one rank. This is likely due to the release of Dragon Quest: Your Story, which would have attracted a new audience to the title and such players would have desired an easier time collecting monsters.

Sprite Monster Name SFC PS2 DS & Phone Tame Rate Level required
  Archdemon No No Yes 164 30
  Bad apple No Yes Yes 14 7
  Barbatos Yes Yes Yes 1256 41
  Battle pip No Yes Yes 116 7
  Beastmaster No Yes Yes 14 30
  Blizzybody No Yes Yes 164 26
  Bomboulder Yes Yes Yes 1256 30
  Brownie Yes Yes Yes 14 7
  Chimaera Yes Yes Yes 116 15
  Conkerer No Yes Yes 132 27
  Conkjurer No Yes Yes 132 27
  Conkuisitor No Yes Yes 132 27
  Conkuistador No Yes Yes 132 27
  Cross eye Yes Yes Yes 132 9
  Cureslime Yes Yes Yes 164 16
  Dracky Yes Yes Yes 14 7
  Drag-goof Yes Yes Yes 116 18
  Dwight No Yes Yes N/A N/A
  Epipany No Yes Yes 116 7
  Fandangow Yes Yes Yes 132 9
  Fat rat No Yes Yes 12 7
  Flamethrower No Yes Yes 164 16
  Funghoul No Yes Yes 116 7
  Ghost No Yes Yes 12 7
  Gigantes Yes Yes Yes 132 34
  Golem Yes Yes Yes 14 25
  Goodybag Yes Yes Yes 116 16
  Great dragon Yes Yes Yes 164 35
  Grudgerigar Yes Yes Yes 132 9
  Hades' helm No Yes Yes 164 29
  Hawk man No Yes Yes 132 23
  Healslime Yes Yes Yes 132 7
  Hellion Yes Yes Yes 132 23
  Hoodlum Yes Yes Yes 116 25
  Hulagan No Yes Yes 116 9
  Hyperanemon Yes Yes Yes 164 41
  Jailcat No No Yes 116 7
  Killing machine Yes Yes Yes 1256 34
  King cureslime Yes Yes Yes 164 28
  King slime Yes Yes Yes 164 10
  Liquid metal slime Yes Yes Yes 1256 20
  Magic marionette Yes Yes Yes 132 12
  Man o' war Yes Yes Yes 12 18
  Mandrake marshal Yes Yes Yes 132 32
  Metal slime No Yes Yes 1256 7
  Minidemon Yes Yes Yes 132 20
  Moosifer Yes Yes Yes 14 30
  Mudraker No Yes Yes 14 11
  Old man of the sea Yes Yes Yes 132 25
  Orc king Yes Yes Yes 14 21
  Pip fighter No Yes Yes 116 7
  Pocus poppet No Yes Yes 116 10
  Powie yowie Yes Yes Yes 132 7
  Prestidigitator Yes Yes Yes 14 10
Rebjørn No Yes Yes N/A N/A
  Restless armour No Yes Yes 164 10
  Revaulting horse Yes Yes Yes 116 27
  Rockbomb Yes Yes Yes 164 15
  Rotten apple No Yes Yes 12 7
  Saber Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A
  Samigina Yes Yes Yes 132 20
  Slime Yes Yes Yes 12 7
  Slime knight Yes Yes Yes 14 7
  Small fry Yes Yes Yes 116 7
  Snowbird Yes Yes Yes 132 34
Starkers No Yes Yes N/A N/A
  Ticking timeburrm Yes Yes Yes 132 7
  Walking corpse Yes Yes Yes 132 7
  Warhog Yes Yes Yes 132 28
  Wax murderer No Yes Yes 116 7
  Wiz pip No Yes Yes 116 7

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of RevelationEdit

In the original SFC version of VI monster recruitment worked identically to V, though someone in the party must be a Monster Master for the chance to activate. When the DS version (and subsequent Cell phone porta) were produced, this mechanic was retired in favor of "Slime Buddies": Slimes players could interact with in towns and dungeons like NPCs who would join the party once certain conditions were met as was the case with Lizzie. These Slimes are not treated as full characters, however, and thus lack the detailed Party Chat of humans and Lizzie.

In both versions of the game, any recruited Slime may enter into the gladiatorial contests at Slimopolis.

Available in the SFC versionEdit

Sprite Monster Name Tame Rate Rank required
Damned ram 116 4
Boss troll 116 5
Dreamaera 132 4
Feralball 14 1
Gustbluster 164 3
Healslime 116 2
High djinks 1256 8
King slime 164 5
Lesser demon 14 3
Liquid metal slime 1256 6
Lips 164 1
Mud mannequin 164 2
Overkilling machine 164 7
Rockbomb 132 4
Slime 12 1
Slime knight 14 2
Sluggernaut 14 3
Walking corpse 132 2

Available in the DS & phone versionsEdit

Sprite Monster Name Location
  Goowain Howcastle
  Healie Clearvale
  Spot Castle Graceskull
  Kingsley Château de Sass
  Goober Slimopolis
  Lizzie Arkbolt
  Curie Suite dreams
  Shelley Underwater Inn
  Mercury Suite dreams

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten PastEdit

Monster recruitment is not present in the seventh game; instead, monsters will sojourn off to a sort of wild life reserve called the Monster Meadows that is unlocked during the normal course of the game. Once there, they can be spoken to in their natural habitat as if they were NPCs, though only three lines of dialogue will be spoken. The Animal Magnetism skill makes taming these beasts much easier than in previous games, being the first time a player has direct influence on the probability in a numbered title.

Additionally, defeated monsters will occasionally drop Monster Hearts. These function similarly to the Dragonic Diligence and Liquid Metal Mind scrolls from VI, and allow the character holding them to take on monster-based vocations at Alltrades Abbey. The main difference is that a character's sprite will change into the corresponding monster once the vocation is mastered.

  • In the 3DS remake, the character will immediately become a monster after using a heart.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed KingEdit

In the PS2 version of the game, players will notice several monsters wandering the overworld. These infamous beasties prove much more capable than their randomly encountered counterparts, but once the player pays a visit to Morrie's place they can join the party. This allows the monsters to enter the competition in Morrie's Monstrous Pit, and through the use of the Call Team skill they may be summoned into battle for 3 or more turns. All recruited monsters grow more powerful as the Hero's Level rises, and do not need to gain battle Experience themselves.

Available in all versionsEdit

Dragon Quest XEdit

Certain monsters can be recruited by players beginning in version 2.0, which saw the return of the Monster Master vocation to the series after nearly 14 years of absence. Version 2.1 added the Item Master vocation and it's selection of monsters. The former tames organic monsters, while the latter handles living objects and robots, with each having 15 species to choose from.

Taming itself is fairly simple, but players must perform research on the species they want prior to the encounter. This is done in the form of obtaining zoological books on monsters or user manuals for machines, and using one as an item in battle to unlock the scouting attack for that particular breed. This attack creates a base 10% chance to capture the monster once it falls. The skill does not need to be the final blow of the battle; as long as it has been used over the course of the encounter the chance to recruit the beast is established. Once tamed, the monster can join the player immediately or be sent off to the monster bar where most scouting books are obtained, and one character can store up to 24 monsters at the pub.

Monsters that have joined players are controlled through A.I. dependent on their personality and essentially serve as party members for times when the player's friends and comrades are offline. Monsters have a Level cap of 50, but can undergo a process similar to a Revocation to further raise their stats. The equipment pool of a given monster is fixed and cannot be changed, but gear can be shared between the monster and master: for example a Monster Master and Hacksaurus can simultaneously wield the same Kaiser axe in a battle for the sake of player convenience. New to the series is the concept of bonding, a stat that denotes the level of attachment a monster has to its master and is raised by fighting together. Raising this stat will confer benefits such as additional skill points, and once this stat reaches a certain threshold, a monster will follow a character regardless of their Vocation.

Monster Name Version available Weapon Armor Book
Brownie 2.4 Hammers Metal armor Monster battle road prize
Chimaera 2.0 Wands Robes Casino prize
Dracky 2.3 Heavy wands Robes Monster battle road prize
Great sabrecat 4.1 Claws Clothes Monster drop
Hacksaurus 2.0 Axes Metal armor Casino prize
Healslime 2.0 Wands Robes Sold at tavern
Imp 2.2 Spears Robes Sold at tavern
Jailcat 2.0 Claws Robes Monster drop
Mandrake major 2.0 Swords Metal armor Sold at tavern
Meowgician 2.0 Heavy wands Robes Sold at tavern
Mischievous mole 2.0 Staves Clothing Monster drop
Slime 2.0 Boomerangs Clothes Sold at tavern
Slime knight 2.0 Swords Metal armor Sold at tavern
Small fry 2.2 Claws Clothes Sold at tavern
Teeny sanguini 2.0 Wands Robes Sold at tavern

Monster Name Version available Weapon Armor Book
Bambooligan 2.1 Spear Metal armor Sold at tavern
Fromage Fray 2.1 Heavy wands Robes Sold at tavern
Golem 2.1 Greatswords Metal armor Sold at tavern
Goodybag 2.1 Fans Robes Casino prize
Harmour 2.1 Swords Metal armor Casino prize
Ham hatwitch 2.1 Heavy wands Robes Monster drop
Hellbound horror 2.3 Axes Clothes Sold at tavern
Killing machine 2.2 Greatswords Metal armor Sold at tavern
Magic marionette 2.2 Knives Clothes Sold at tavern
Mecha-mynah 2.1 Claws Clothes Sold at tavern
Needle man 2.1 Knives Clothes Sold at tavern
Pocus poppet 4.2 Boomerangs Clothes Monster drop
Prancing pillar 2.1 Fans Clothes Sold at tavern
Restless armour 2.1 Swords Metal armor Sold at tavern
Wardrobe mimic 2.4 Bows Robes Sold at tavern

Dragon Quest Builders 2Edit

On explorer's shores after Skelkatrez, one can recruit monsters with Monster munchies. When a monster that can be tamed is defeated, there is a chance that it will stand up instead of fading away and a thirty second timer will begin to count down--the munchies must be used in this period or the monster will become annoyed and go away.

Tamed monsters join the residents of the Island of Awakening as NPCs, who go about their daily routines as the other islanders do, and some have special effects: the Chimaeras can be ridden to fly, the Powie yowie can be given an ice lolly to spread snow, the Liquid metal slime will play tag once a day for 100 hearts, etc.

Monster Name Location Gimmick
Bloody Hand Unholy Holm Plays with islanders
crafts items at workstations
Brownie Iridescent Island Demolishes blocks marked with a smashing sign
Chimaera Blossom Bay Flying mount
Corpse Corporal Laguna Perfuma Bartender
Cosmic Chimaera Rimey Reef Flying mount
Ghoul Rimey Reef Bartender
Gold Golem Coral Cay Can use terraforma tiles
Melee mount
Golem Sunny Sands (one per visit) Can use terraforma tiles
Great Sabrecub Blossom Bay Double-jump mount
Great Sabrecat Soggy Skerry Double-jump mount
Hammerhood Sunny Sands Demolishes blocks marked with a smashing sign
Healslime nearly all Explorer's Shores Casts Heal in battle
Hocus Chimaera Iridescent Island Flying mount
Hunter Mech Rimey Reef Farmer
Killing Machine Laguna Perfuma Farmer
Living Statue Rimey Reef (one per visit) Produces dyes at stain extractors
Liquid Metal Slime Laguna Perfuma Plays tag
Muddy Hand Soggy Skerry Plays with islanders
crafts items at workstations
Powie Yowie Rimey Reef Feed ice lollies to freeze ground
She-Slime Sunny Sands Double-jump mount
Slime Blossom Bay Double-jump mount
Stone Golem Iridescent Island (one per visit) Can use terraforma tiles
Melee mount
Stone Guardian Unholy Holm Produces dyes at stain extractors
Walking Corpse Soggy Skerry Bartender

Dragon Quest Monsters 1 & 2Edit

While monsters retain a base chance to join the player upon defeat as in previous games, the chance can be greatly enhanced by using Monster munchies in battle.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker seriesEdit

Recruitment is implemented via the Scout option in the battle menu. When selected, the player's team of monsters will perform a group assault on the target to impress the monster into joining. The percentile chance is displayed onscreen, and can easily reach 100% if the group's sum attack power is high enough. However, if the enemy is too durable then the assault can easily leave the player with a big fat 0%--it is imperative to apply Oomph and Sap to raise the chances even higher.