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Suite Dreams is an optional location added to the remake of Dragon Quest VI.

It is managed by a maid named Sharon Hope and her three assistants, a female warrior, an elderly Dwarf, and a young dwarf boy.


Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

Suite Dreams is a shrine found in the southwestern continent of the Upper World, near to Castle Graceskull. As the name implies, it is a center for sharing dreams via the wireless communication feature of the Nintendo DS. By speaking to Sharon, the player can customize a message to be shared with other players when passing by them in person in a fashion similar to the Tag Mode found in IX. This message is called a dreamcard, and can be customized through the appearance of the NPC selected to represent the player, as well as his or her disposition, occupation, hobby, and the background image on which the dreamcard is printed—there are 64 varieties of each parameter available. The player's speaking syntax may be selected as well, though there are only 32 options to choose from. Once these details are finalized the player may write three lines of fifteen letters and/or characters to pass on to others when their DS is in sleep mode and receive other player's dreamcards as well.

Players are encouraged to share and obtain as many dreamcards as possible, with the reward for amassing 10 being the monster recruit Curie and 20 being Mercury. If players are unable to acquire dreamcards then simply completing the main game and returning to suite dreams will make these two slime buddies available to recruit.

Android/iOS alterations[edit]

Suit dreams has been altered to a scavenger-hunt instead of a multiplayer feature, requiring the party to collect Dreamscapes. These dreamscapes are scattered throughout bookshelves across the world, with 6 being needed to recruit Curie and 16 for Mercury.