Waterfall Hut

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The Waterfall Hut is a location of the Farebury Region in Dragon Quest VIII. It is found upon going around the mountain of the Waterfall Cave and is home to a single old man.


The Hero and his party visit the old man of Waterfall Hut several times throughout their quest, with the first visit involving the retrieval of his missing toolbag by a red tree east of Farebury. Afterwards, he takes notice of Munchie stating that he's no ordinary mouse and will give The Hero a portion of cheese from time to time.


Searching the hut[edit]

Retrieving the tool bag[edit]

After getting the Magic mirror[edit]

Before arriving at the Black Citadel[edit]

Nearby monsters[edit]

Warning: Spoilers
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(Additional monsters after the fall of the Black Citadel)


The 3DS Version gives the old man's dialogue audio to accompany the text which was absent from the English PS2 Version.