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Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Porcus.png
Japanese name トンブー
Romaji Tonbū
Family Purrsula
Voice actor Yasuhiro Takato
Adam Diggle

Porcus (トンブー, Tonbū ) is a character from Dragon Quest Treasures. He joins Erik and Mia in their treasure-hunting quest alongside his sister Purrsula.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Porcus looks like a small, lime green pig with butterfly-like wings, but this is a facade: he and his sister are in fact junior gods who must hide their true form while on their coming-of-age test. He describes his real body as being rather handsome, but Purrsula writes him off as a brutish galoot despite having a similar form herself.

He is the more even-tempered of the twins and takes a fancy to Mia, accompanying her when she ventures out from Eggshell Island and advising her on the adventure. He likes to lay atop her head when the two are at rest.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Porcus and Purrsula are junior gods who hail from The Garden of the Gods, a world separate from Erdrea and Draconia. The two are tasked with retrieving the Seven Stones from the floating archipelago and were ordered by their elder gods to conceal their forms during this mission, with their current appearance taken from the mundane animals they saw while travelling Erdrea (albeit with the addition of wings). The siblings are captured by vikings prior to the beginning of the game and are kept locked up in a cage suspended from the main mast of one of a ship, before being freed by Erik at Mia's insistence upon seeing their pitiful state. The vikings spot the children freeing the misfortunate gods and the quartet flees in a small boat, sailing to an uncharted island with a shrine housing two gorgeous knives on crystalline plinths. Erik and Mia yank the shivs from their housing and activate a teleportal that pulls all four into the world of Draconia whilst separating them.

Mia and Porcus awaken in a holding cell within the Thunderous Plunderers' encampment, with the little girl now able to understand Porcus' speech thanks to the magic of her new dagger. The two escape the cell with the help of a cutie slime named Oozabella and make their way through the encampment to find Erik and Purrsula, following their trail to the abandoned factory at the top of The Paternoggin.

The junior gods explain their predicament and ask for the children to help them, undertaking a treasure-hunting extravaganza that takes the quartet all across Draconia. Their adventure culminates on La Isla Dorada in a battle against the dreaded pirate Long John Silverbones for the seven gems, resulting in the dragonstones merging together to create an egg that hatches into a baby dragon named Elys. Porcus and Purrsula are flabbergasted at this turn of events as their elders never said anything about the seven stones creating new life, but never the less they must present the fruits of their labors to the gods for judgement. Porcus and his sister bid the children a heartfelt goodbye as the y guide them back to Erdrea, losing the ability to communicate as the dragon daggers are placed back on the mysterious plinths connecting the two worlds. Porcus and Purrsula assume their true forms and take Elys with them to the realm of the gods, never to be seen again...

...Until a few days pass and the woe-begotten junior gods are sent hurtling back to Erdrea from their home like a pair of meteorites. A quick boat ride and retrieval of the dragon daggers later, and the two explain to Erik and Mia that the superior gods were none too pleased at the chain of events, and tossed the pair back out on the order of amassing no less than fifty iconic-grade treasures before being allowed to return home. With no one better to turn to for help, the quartet reforms and sets out on another adventure.


  • Despite his sister calling him a brute, Porcus is rather handy at tidying up and was the one to fix up the display room on Eggshell Island