Erdrick's Northlight

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Erdrick's Northlight is a spell that appears exclusively in Dragon Quest Tact. It is one of Peronel, the Princess of Moonbrooke's signature spells. When cast, she raises her wand to summon thunderclouds as the symbol of Erdrick glows on her body. Those clouds drop a heavy thunderbolt onto her opponent that's bright enough to blind them too.


Erdrick's Northlight can be learned by Peronel through Talent Blossoming and costs 121 MP to cast. It has a range of 1-4 squares away from her, and deals major Zap-type spell damage to one enemy with a high chance of blinding them too. Upgrading the spell increases damage and reduces the amount of MP it costs to cast.

Erdrick's Northlight (ロトの極光 Roto no kyokkō)Tactlogo.png
Ability information
Erdrick's Northlight
Role * Type * Element MP cost
Debuff Spell DQTact Zap.png 121
Range Additional effects
DQTact Range1.png
DQTact Blind.png
Deals major Zap-type spell damage to 1 enemy, often blinds
Naturally learnt by