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Snoop is a recurring spell in the series that casts a bright glimmer on hidden objects in a dungeon, giving the player an easier time finding them. The spell is nearly exclusive to thieves, with the exception of old man Borya, and costs a mere 2 MP in every appearance.


Dragon Quest III remakes[edit]

Thieves will learn to cast snoop at level 20. Several Mini medals are hidden in unassuming areas with no attention-grabbing landmark, making the spell a serious boon for players who like to collect the trinkets.

Dragon Quest IV remakes[edit]

Borya will learn the spell at level 23 in the Playstation version onwards.

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

A thief will learn the spell upon reaching rank 8.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Players can learn snoop by getting a character to rank 5 of the Pirate vocation in the playstation version, and to rank 5 of the thief in the 3DS remake.