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Demon Family (Japanese Kanji: 悪魔 Hiragana: あくま Romanji: Akuma) refers to a group of monsters in the Dragon Quest series with hellish attributes. Reflecting global mythology, demons feature wildly different body types and aspects, with some appearing nearly human while others are monstrous in size and shape. One trait that the majority share is the possession of small, vestigial looking bat wings.

Effective weapons and skills[edit]

In the ninth and tenth games wands will deal 10% more damage to demons, while in the eleventh game this has changed to heavy wands. The Devil Crusher and Demon Demeaner skills will deal 50% more damage to hellspawn, and the Beelzefreeze has a chance to paralyze one for several turns. In Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, Cobra claw, King cobra claw, and Bardiche of binding deal extra damage against demons.

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