Insula Orientalis

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Insula Orientalis is an island in Dragon Quest XI. It is located in the open seas in northeastern Erdrea, directly off the coast to the east of Zwaardsrust. The player can visit the island as soon as gain access to the open seas. It is also known as "Slime Island" and is populated entirely by monsters of the Slime family.


Item Location
Slime crown xi icon.pngSlime crown Treasure chest behind a tree at northwestern tip of area to the east of the bridge.
Recipe book xi icon.pngRecipe Book: Circles of Life Treasure chest inside gazebo on western side of the island. Requires Ultimate key to open.
Carved figure xi icon.pngCarved figure Gold sparkly spot at southeastern most part of the beach among the driftwood. Quest #024: My Secret Saint must be accepted first.

Sparkly Spots[edit]

Sparkly Spots
Item Location
Tiny tortoise shell xi icon.pngTiny tortoise shell Wood scraps on eastern side of the beach from the dock.
Celestial skein xi icon.pngCelestial skein Found in the shallow water south of the bridge.
Silkblossom xi icon.pngSilkblossom East of the rock near the northeastern corner of the island.
Iron ore xi icon.pngIron ore
Silver ore xi icon.pngSilver ore x2
Blue crystals on rock cliff reached by wading through shallow water in northwestern section of the island.


First Act[edit]

Second Act[edit]

Third Act[edit]


  • My Secret Saint: The carved figure that the man is looking for is located at the southeastern part of the beach among the driftwood. The quest must be accepted first before it can be acquired.


  • Island-Hopper: Awarded for making port at each of the many islands scattered throughout the world.
  • Isle Never Miss: Awarded for hitting every bullseye on each of the many islands scattered throughout the world.

Crossbow Target[edit]

  • The target is located in the northeastern section of the island, at the top of some rocky cliffs among some bushes.


  • Insula Orientalis is Latin for "eastern island/island to the east", due to the fact that it is located off the eastern coast of Zwaardsrust.