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The Hero and the vocations

There are a total of twelve vocations in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. Six are available initially, while others must be unlocked via quests. The vocations are: Armamentalist, Gladiator, Luminary, Mage, Martial Artist, Minstrel, Paladin, Priest, Ranger, Sage, Thief and Warrior.

Similar to Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation, a vocation defines all initial attributes of a character such as stat growth and party function, which can then be customized by the player via stat enhancing seeds and by mastering skills. Note that unlike Dragon Quest III, there is no "Hero" vocation; the Hero starts out as a Minstrel and can freely change into any other profession.

Changing vocations[edit]

Vocational change can only take place at Alltrades Abbey, which is located on Newid Isle. This is not available until after a specific plot point that takes place approximately one-fifth into the game, and the player must find Abbot Jack in the Tower of Trades before they will be available to change a character's vocation.

Once the Sage is unlocked, characters can learn "Jack's Knack," which enables changing jobs on the field.

Change mechanics[edit]

When changing vocations, the character's gear will be swapped out to whatever they wore the last time if the new vocation allows it to be equipped, otherwise they must be outfitted with new armaments. Levels are separately tallied for each vocation, and the player can review a character's vocations (and their stats for each) by selecting "Attributes" under the main menu.

A mastered skill is permanently memorized by a character and can be freely transferred between jobs, but spells are locked to a vocation and cannot be carried over. For information about skills available to each vocation, see Lists of skills in Dragon Quest IX.


After completing the main storyline, Abbot Jack will offer revocation services to any character that reached level 99. Revocation resets the character back to level 1, allowing them to accumulate more skill points. They must still re-obtain all their spells and stat progression (though seed bonuses remain intact). A commemorative accessory is granted the first time any particular vocation is revocated.

A character can only revocate an individual class up to ten times maximum. If the hero revocates a vocation up to this maximum, a special accolade is presented. Furthermore, revocation is a way for players to influence the Grotto map generation system to develop caves with stronger monsters and items, as well as improve the chances of getting rare items from blue chests.


The following quests are required to unlock the six additional vocations:

Quest #103 - "Gladiator Graduator"
Location Alltrades Abbey, in front of the inn
Availability After defeating Master of Nu'un
Requested by A priest
Fulfilled to A priest
Item Required Use Egg On or Psyche Up to maximize a party member who knows Dragon Slash, and kill 3 Slimes.
Reward Gladiator class becomes available
Detail A Priest at Alltrades Abbey has told you that a gladiator need not only Strength, but also composure. You must demonstrate this by defeating three Slimes using Dragon Slash while you're in a state of super-high tension.
Hint for solution Go to Angel Falls to fight the weakest Slimes. If you have a Priest in the party, have them cast Snooze to keep the slime from fleeing.
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Quest #115 - "Sages in the Pages"
Location Gittingham Palace - Bookshelf in Gittingham Palace - L2 North
Availability Upon arriving at Gittingham Palace
Requested by Supreme Sage
Fulfilled to Supreme Sage
Item Required Kill 5 Great trolls with Frizz.
Reward Sage class becomes available.
Detail The Supreme Sage, who sleeps between the pages of a book on the shelves of Glittengham Palace, asked if you'd like to become a sage too. To do so, you have to finish off five great trolls with Frizz.
Hint for solution Great troll roams in Realm of the Mighty and in some grottos. They have around 600-700hp. Frizz hits around 60 with a level 55 mage. Do a bit of maths
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Quest #106 - "Taking Soul Control"
Location Gleeba, on the roof of the palace
Availability Upon arrival in Gleeba
Requested by Brunhild
Fulfilled to Brunhild
Item Required Take 10 hits meant for party members using the Warrior skill Whipping Boy.
Reward Paladin class becomes available
Detail Brunhild at the Mirage Mahal wants to see if you've got what it takes to be a paladin. You need to use the Whipping Boy ability to protect your companions ten times in battle in the Djust Desert.
Hint for solution Find monsters that hit several times or a group of monsters. You have to be fighting in the Djust Desert for the hits to count.
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Quest #112 - "Ranger Changer"
Location Heights of Loneliness - Entrance
Availability Upon arriving at Heights of Loneliness.
Requested by Odval
Fulfilled to Odval
Item Required Kill 3 Hocus chimaera using Poison.
Reward Ranger class become available.
Detail You accepted Odval's challenge at the Heights of Loneliness. She wants you to use Toxic Dagger to envenom three Hocus chimaeras and polish them off with Poison alone.
Hint for solution Have a thief equipped with a knife in order to use the skill. Then equip your party member with Poison needle, this make sure that you can poison the enemy but don't kill them. When you Poison a Hocus chimaera, defend and wait until it finishes its miserable life. Cast Antimagic if you can to prevent it from healing as it is prone to using Midheal.
Repeatable no
Quest #109 - "Elementary Training"
Location Alltrades Abbey
Availability After defeating Master of Nu'un
Requested by Windy
Fulfilled to Windy
Reward Armamentalist class become available.
Detail Windy at Alltrades Abbey says you must use the Fource of Mother Nature if you want to join the great fellowship of Armamentalists. He wants you to erect a Wizard Ward before defeating two Metal slimes in battle.
Hint for solution Equip your Mage party member with Poison needle. Try weakening the Metal slime with a Metal Slash, a sword skill, after you have casted Wizard ward. Note that the mage who cast Wizard ward must be the one to defeat the Slime.
Repeatable No
Quest #118 - "A Star is Born"
Location Gleeba
Availability after finishing the main story
Requested by Applaudia
Fulfilled to Applaudia
Item Required Kill a Moai minstrel with Hot Lick.
Reward Luminary class becomes available.
Detail Applaudia in Gleeba says that the path to becoming a great luminary is paved with blood, sweat and tears. She wants you to defeat a moai minstrel with the Hot Lick ability to prove your worth.
Hint for solution Moai minstrels live in higher level Grottos.
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Level 99 Stats (Base)[edit]

Attribute Minstrel Warrior Martial Artist Priest Mage Thief Gladiator Armamentalist Paladin Ranger Sage Luminary
HP 480 570 540 420 390 510 540 540 600 510 480 510
MP 179 86 38 315 364 132 41 226 175 229 500 220
Strength 246 404 399 201 96 299 500 351 354 305 202 148
Agility 359 78 500 312 401 410 124 173 73 264 218 361
Resilience 237 400 245 204 162 241 322 243 360 241 202 205
Magical Might 161 0 0 0 400 0 0 282 0 0 237 77
Magical Mending 195 0 0 400 0 81 0 0 164 200 208 318
Deftness 304 111 255 206 304 402 256 110 9 500 57 259
Charm 245 89 120 146 155 58 90 185 116 61 235 300

Level 99 Stats (Passive Bonuses added)[edit]

The following only adds the passive bonuses from the respective class. Stats increased by passive bonuses are in bold.

Attribute Minstrel Warrior Martial Artist Priest Mage Thief Gladiator Armamentalist Paladin Ranger Sage Luminary
HP 480 630 570 420 390 530 600 570 680 510 480 530
MP 179 86 38 345 394 132 41 226 175 229 560 220
Strength 246 444 409 201 96 299 540 361 354 305 202 148
Agility 359 78 600 312 401 470 124 173 73 284 218 381
Resilience 237 460 245 204 162 241 322 263 460 261 202 205
Magical Might 191 0 0 0 580 0 0 312 0 0 297 77
Magical Mending 225 0 0 580 0 81 0 0 194 200 268 318
Deftness 354 111 255 206 304 462 256 110 9 600 57 259
Charm 275 89 120 146 155 58 90 185 116 61 235 360

Class/Skill matrix[edit]

This table shows the weapon families available to each class. Investing 100 points into a given weapon skill tree enables the character to use the weapon regardless of vocation.

Minstrel yes yes yes yes
Warrior yes yes yes yes
Martial Artist yes yes yes yes
Priest yes yes yes yes
Mage yes yes yes yes
Thief yes yes yes yes
Gladiator yes yes yes yes
Armamentalist yes yes yes yes
Paladin yes yes yes yes
Ranger yes yes yes yes
Sage yes yes yes yes
Luminary yes yes yes yes