Inside the Time Frame

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Inside the Time Frame (formerly Time Pocket Cave) is a dungeon accessible from the town of El Ciclo in the past.


After using the key received from Pomposo at his studio, the party uses it at the clocktower in town, which causes time to completely stop for all the townspeople. Only the party is able to move about freely. They venture into the basement of Pomposo's old studio in town to find that a painting of a clocktower has become a rift in the space-time continuum. Inside is a pocket dimension where the laws of physics do not apply and the party must move about with a series of portals. Eventually they run into the Time Being and two of his lackeys tinkering with a large hourglass filled with the Sands of Time, which is forcing the people of El Ciclo to repeat the same day over and over again. The villain is shocked to find humans there inside the dimension, who threatens them with death after he inquires how they were able to find him. After defeating the Time Being, the party is able to smash the hourglass and return time back to normal for El Ciclo. They take some of the sands with them, which will allow them to restart at the beginning of any battle as if nothing has happened.


Warning: Inside the Time Frame is only accessible for a short period of time, meaning that all of the treasures found here, save for the Sands of Time, will be forever lost if they are not acquired.



Usage of the dungeon in another area[edit]

The 1st Room is incorporated into part of the first bonus dungeon, Cave to Another World.