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Kazam is a spell in the Dragon Quest series. It envelops a target with a sphere of crushing, blasphemous bolts.


Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Kazam is available only to Sages at level 43. It costs 20 MP to cast, base damage is 120~180, and caps at 315~375.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Sages will learn Kazam upon reaching level 64, and it costs 14 MP to cast. Damage is calculated as Magical Might x 0.39 + 30.3 for a base range of 156~168 and a maximum range of 340~354.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Rab will learn Kazam at level 52. It costs 18 MP, and has a base range of 132~156, capping at 238~323. The level requirement for Kazam is much lower than that of Kafrizz, but this is balanced out by Veronica leveling up much faster than the wheezened wizard.

Enemy versions[edit]

Kazam will inflict 82~141 points of damage when cast by an enemy.

Battle Visuals[edit]


  • Because Kasizzle is not present in Dragon Quest IX, the legacy bosses that originally cast that spell (Dhoulmagus and Psaro) were outfitted with Kazam instead.